CJ in Da House!

It was Claire Care last night again! 

After our regular Friday evening pizza and jammin' guitar hero for a few hours, Janie and Mick arrived to drop Claire off for the night.

We got to baby sit wee Claire Jane last night again and she's such a sweetheart.  Janie and Mick had a HAWT date and went out to watch some local bands playing.  We stayed home and played house.

Here's some pix of her visit.  It makes me appreciate the age that my girls are at now...no nappies, no bottles, formula and puke.  I'm quite happy with my life right now but its still nice to have a wee one in the house...those gummy smiles and gurgling noises.

Kaylin and Megan are like bees around a honeypot when Claire is here.  They can't get enough of their 11 week old cousin.

he girls together in their PJs 

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