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I follow an awesome photoblog called Fresh Eyes on London and Mo always has some awesome pics and posts to read.  She has a brilliant competition on at the moment where you can win a trip to Brussels.  Here's the details:

Mo says:
Remember my Sun and Fun in Brussels? The good folk at we are social thought you and a friend might like to have some fun in Brussels courtesy of Eurostar little break, big difference .

What do you have to do to win this super duper prize? - easy

Answer the questions on the 3 pictures on my  blog (clue : the images have all been posted on this blog in 2009) AND add a sentence or two on what a little break big difference would do for you

How do I enter?
Leave your answers (and creative responses) in the "comments" of his post - remember to leave a way in which you can be contacted
Write a post on your blog/website but make sure you leave a comment on this post with a link to your efforts OR if you don't have a blog or website and comments don't work. Don't despair, you can still enter, email me  with your answers

What's the prize?
Two lesiure class return tickets (that's the posh seats) from London St Pancras to Brussels any time, any day, however long (or short) you want as long as it is taken between now and November

Competition ends Tuesday 22 September midnight UK time

How will it be judged and when will we know who won

We are social will short list to 5 the most amazing/brilliant/wittiest of you. Mo will draw one of those out of a hat the following Friday. Easy Peasy.

Get creative!!

Here is my entry:
I seriously need this holiday as my hooligan girl-children are not only driving me to guzzle copious amounts of alcohol and sucking on extra cancer sticks, but I my temples are transforming into salt and pepper. This melancholy makeover is much more disturbing than the damage that fags and booze are doing to my lungs and liver. It’s vital that this holiday be mine, as my unfortunate husband has a to put up with a grumpy, intoxicated and soon-to-be middle-aged red-head. So, in conclusion, I’m doing it for my marriage – poor bugger!

Oh, and I will be tweeting this lots and I posted on my bloggy too. Can I do anymore?

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