My Munchkin is Ill

Had a rough night with KK last night. Cough! Cough! Cough! By 11pm last night she had a burning fever of 38.7 and I had no paracetomol meds in the house. My Boerewors had to get dressed and drive to the local garage store to get some Panado Syrup to break her fever. Poor wee munchkin was lying in bed with me but just her knickers on, damp face cloth on her forehead, cheeks burning bright pink. I managed to break her fever about 30 minutes after she took 10mls of Panado syrup.

So, its off to the doctor again today to find out whats up this time. she's just finished a course of antibiotics which did nothing for her.

I'm looking for alternatives this time. I don't really want to put her back on AB so I'm going to ask for Combivent for the Nebulizer - perhaps that will clear up the phlegm. I have been using the nebs machine but only with the distilled water. Hopefully I can find another alternative. I will report back soon.

So why does the rest of the family get ill when I need my rest to recover from my summer flu???

Back from the doctor and KK announced to Dr Frik that she is "So Sick!" while putting the palm of her hand on her forehead. Dr Frik checked her ears, throat, up her nose and listened to her chest. She hopped off the bed and asked Dr Frik "Where's my something?" Kaylin was asking for her lollipop that she normally gets for "being a good girl" at the doctors rooms. I told KK it was rude to ask for her "something" that she should wait until Dr Frik offered her a sweet. Dr Frik just laughed and said "I just means she feels comfortable enough with me enough to ask for her lolly". Turns out she has bronchitis, he prescribed her AB as he said its better to be safe and cover all possibile infections than just nebs her. He said I can continue with the nebulizer it will just give her relief and loosen the phlegm. Poor wee thing can't stop coughing...
KK on the nebulizer

so I'm back on the couch, notebook in lap and relaxing while the girls play golf and dress up.

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