What a sexy Philtrum you have!

Philtrum (pron. fil′trəm) n.  The vertical groove in the midline of the upper lip.  Also known as Cupid's Bow because it is said to resemble the bow of Cupid - the Roman god of erotic love.

I was once told, when I was younger by a woman who owned a modelling agency, that I had beautiful high cheek bones and the most perfect philtrum.  WTF???

I was only 14 at the time and I had no fucking clue what she was talking about!  

The Story goes like this....

Friends of mine had made an appointment to sign up with a modelling agency, and I went along for the ride.  The two sisters who wanted to sign up, wanted it so badly.  It was their dream!  They wanted to glide down the runways in designer clothes and ridiculously high heels.  They wanted the so-called glamorous lifestyle of the Supermodels and have make-up artists and hair stylists faff over them and ooo and aaah at their every pose.

Anyhoo, the day in question, off we went to the modelling agency with the over-protective mother in tow, I tagged along for the day as I was spending the weekend at their house on a sleep-over.  

When their dreams were crushed before their eyes and mine, I felt so sorry for them.  Then again, what DID they expect??  They weren't the typical "model" types.  Average looks, average height, nothing "Heidi Klum" about them.

The woman spent more time talking about my bone structure, my sexy philtrum and my ginger hair.  I was fucking mortified.  I was supposed to be the 5 foot nothing wall flower in the corner going along for the ride.  I said nothing!  The glares and grimaces from the sisters was enough to turn me instantly to ice!  

The trip home was agonisingly quiet and awkward.  The mother tried to "console" her girls and I sat in silence looking out the window not knowing what to say.  I could feel their penetrating stares drill into the back of my skull.

Friendship Over!

14 year old girls are so fucking fickle.  The next week I had a fist fight on the playground at school with the younger sister and got suspended for giving her a black eye and a bloody nose.   Yeah, those were the days, Bitches!   I may be 5 foot nothing but I'll kick yer skinny arses!

I still wondered what the fuck a philtrum was.

I had a dream about this the other night which reminded me a lot of that day and I thought I'd Google and find out what a philtrum was.  I had no idea the wee groove in yer face even had a name.  

There you have it, Peeps.  I have a perfect philtrum!

Here are a few other celebrity types who are also considered to have the perfect philtrum.
Jim Sex-On-Legs Morrisson

Enrique "Rough 'n Rugged" Iglesias
Anna "Cum to Bed Eyes" Kournikova
Elvis Presley "The King"
Someone with NO philtrum. 
I guess you don't quite notice what's missing until its not there!
Some people even pierce their Philtrum!
Who else do you think has a sexy philtrum??

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