55 FFF - Episode 19

Join the Blorgy of 55 Flash Fiction Friday writers.  The game is to write a complete story in 55 words.  So, head on over to The Blorgologist himself G-Man and hook up with him.

Made only in South Africa 
and usually by hand 
Juicy, Succulent, Spicy and Tender 
Curled up to create a reel of zesty flavour 
Carefully prepared with unique seasonings 
Skinny or Stout with top quality fat 
Arranged in a spiral and braaied to perfection 
Sizzling on the grill, meaty aroma roasting the air 
My Boerewors…

Boerewors aka South African sausage

FlogYoBlog Friday over at Random Ramblings of a SAHM.  
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Its also Fawk You Friday over at Boobies. and Blog Stalk Friday  hosted by Rockin' Mami this week

My Fuck Yous for this week:

  • A huge FUCK YOU to the skanky deslexic tattoo artist who misspelled my daughters name on my wrist.  Now I'm gonna have to go back and get something I really didn't want.  A fix up - probably with a different colour ink?!?!  Stoopid Whore!
  • Fuck you to the change of season at the moment which causes my lips to erupted with sexy crusty sores.  Its totally repulsive.  Just call me fucking Leper Lip! No smooching for me for a while.
  •  South African school teachers have been on strike forever and its time those arsewipes get back to work and stop disrupting my wee lassies life.  Stoning the schools will NOT bring you wage increases, morons.
  • Fuck you to Facebook that takes up too much of my time and therefore I havedeactivated my account.  Read my blog rather, assbags.
Have an awesome weekend!


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