Temperatures Soar

Megan complained a little yesterday that she wasn't feeling well. 

I figured she just had too much of the sun during her Football game in the morning.  Her cheeks were flushed but nothing serious and no other symptoms.  Last night, she asked to go bed early and I woke up at 3am to her shouting!


I rushed into her room, thinking she had a bad dream but she was fast asleep.  She was screaming out loud in her sleep and was burning up with fiery fever. 

I took her temp and it was 39.6!  Poor wee button.

I gave her meds to bring her temperature down and from then on her temperature went up and down like a yo-yo.  She was in and out of waking and restless ramblins all morning.  She was singing in her sleep giving the Idols contestants a run for their money and yelling at imaginery monsters in her sleep. 

She was very lethargic this morning when it was time to wake up and didn't get out of bed until 9:30am when we were due to go and see the doctor.

So, there we sat in the silent waiting room staring at strangers, and all of a sudden Megan projected a foutain of puke at lease a meter in front of her.  I was pretty impressed that she heaved her stomach contents with such lethal accuracy too.  Luckily no one was sitting opposite her but there were a few bitches in the waiting room who pulled their noses up and tried to stop themselves from gagging at her reeky chunky-bits splattered all over the floor. 

Only my concern for Megan prevented me from gigglin at The Gaggling Bitches.

I swiftly guided Megan off to the bathrooms and all the way to there she wretched and rocketed fragrant vomit in all directions with remarkable precision. 

That's ma girl!

Doctor Frik figures she has gastro.

I just hope it doesn't start exploding from the Rear Exit soon.

Slumbering Fever-riddled Megan

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