Got Ink'd

My Boerewors and I went for our ink today and got matching amazing tattoos.  the girls came with us and were facinated by the entire process of getting tattoos. 

My Boerewors decided on plain black ink and I went for white ink. 

The white ink takes a while to "develop" so what you see in the pix is the purple of the transfer but when thats washed off, only the white ink will remain.  Its very subtle and I like it.  I may need to go for some touch- ups once I can "see" it properly as its difficult to see how complete it is right now.  I not 100% happy with the definition so far...

But all-in-all I'm happy.  I can't wait  for the colour to "pop" and see my tats.  Here are some pictures:

Megan and her ink (don't worry its just a transfer)

Riaan's Right Arm
Riaan's Left Arm
My Right Wrist
My Left Arm (still bleeding)

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