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Wish I could find a stockist in Johannesburg that has the lastest styles.
They are super cool and ultra sexy.  I need a pair very soon.

Yesterday I was surfing on YouTube and stumbled on a video from The White Stripes.  I immediately fell in love!  I mean seriously fell in love with the band's sound and Jack White's genius guitar playing.  I haven't felt this excited in ages about a band.  The last obsession of mine (musically) was  U2 and Bono aka Paul Hewson.  I collected all their records on vinyl and still think they are brilliant!

Oh I know, I can hear you saying - what is she on about?  Doesn't she know she's a grown woman? She shouldn't be obsessing about music and rock stars at her age. Well, anyone who knows me well, knows I love my music and I am never without my music.  Whether its listening to the car CD player, watching a DVD, surfing YouTube, jamming on XBOX guitar hero or listening to my iPod at work - I'm always jamming to something and looking for new bands and sounds to listen to.

I spent the entire day yesterday listening to The White Stripes - Jack and Meg White.  They are just genius - what a great band, great sound, great personalities.  Do yourself a favour and go listen to some of their stuff.  My favourite song so far is Ball and Biscuit.

Jack White

the White Stripes

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