Happy 7th Birthday Megan!

Today you turn Seven, my little miracle Wonder
The Seven Wonders of the World have nothing on you!
Egypt’s pyramids are pale in comparison to the awesome little girl you are.
And even though you can see the Great Wall of China from the moon,
I love you more than all the stars in the galaxy.
You are more precious to me that The Colosseum in Rome
And more beautiful than the exquisite Taj Mahal.
Your eyes dazzle us more than all the colours in The Great Barrier Reef
And my love for you is deeper than the majestic Grand Canyon.
You’re sensitive and unique in your own little way.
Your heart is pure and hope that’s the way you stay.

Love you my wee button

Megan's Stitch cupcakes

Megan's Stitch Cake that we devoured yesterday

Stitch cupcakes up close


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