Day of Our Crimes

What is it with our local community at the moment?

The huge increase in armed robberies lately (especially in our area?) We have had reports of armed robbies at our local supermarkets, our local bank, our local petrol filling station, our local liquor store, our local pharmacy even a guy on his bicycle was robbed. I kid you not! They have all been hit. Click on the links for the individual stories...

Why can't the SAPS (South African Police Services) find this large group of individuals / syndicate that is targeting all our local stores? I know that some of the robbers were caught but that just means the syndicate recruits new members to do their dirty work. They need to catch the ring leaders.

The group have even started targeting homes where the tie up the owners and ransack the places demanding cell phones, wallets, jewerly, fire arms, bank cards, laptops and cash.

Its actually getting quite scary. For the first time in six years I feel unsafe and scared behind my 6 foot walls with electric fencing and alarm with security response. Crazy??

Nope, we tested our armed response alarm system yesterday and no phone call. When we called them they reported that they hadn't received an alarm from our house and that we should contact their Technical Division to get someone out to test the alarm. This all costs us money...

What more do we do? Petty Crime...I don't think its so petty.

Live in fear? Hide like hermits scared to shop at your local supermarket...

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