Friday Night Wine and Guitar Hero

I was discussing with Riaan earlier in the week that we were going to have a quiet family night on Friday. We've got such a hectic social life that sometimes I feel the need to kick back and be silly with my wee family. No others involved. (heck, no offence to my many wonderful friends but we all need some immediate family time).

We said that we were going to get pizza delivery, a bottle of wine and play Guitar Hero World Tour with Megan on drums, mum and dad on the guitars and KK on her little electric guitar (the batteries of course mysteriously dissappeared. Its one of those annoying toys that you wished you never bought). KK jammed on her little toy guitar, even though she's not really playing the game with us, she still feels part of the game and The Band.

We had fun rockin' in our Family Band.

But because it was such a chilly evening, we went for an early HOT bubble bath and then all piled into our double bed (a very tight squeeze) our bed by 8:30! Within 10 minutes, Riaan and Kaylin were snoring and Megan and I watched the final of The Bachelorette together.

Megan fell asleep half way through the programme sprawled out like a star-fish and I landed up trying to get comfy on about 6 inches of bed!! During one of the ad breaks, I carried KK and Meg through to their own beds so I could actually enjoy the ending of The Bachelorette with a little bit of comfy space and without two children's sleepy snoring noises.

I landed up in tears at the end of the show. I couldn't believe she picked Jessie instead of Jason. I was devastated and felt she'd made a HUGE mistake. What the hell was she thinking???

Then this got me thinking, why do I get so emotionally involved in these shallow, frivolous reality shows? Its quite pathetic! I just can't help myself though. I should've rather spent the time online or reading a good book.

Och well, I must admit I wouldn't be able to go cold turkey on watching my favourite reality TV shows and series'. My addiction is too far gone for that....

Is there perhaps a Reality TV Show support group I can join?

"Hi, my name is Gillian and I'm a Reality TV Show Addict. Please have mercy on my square eyes..."

Jesse Csincsak


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