Day 6 on Cabbage Soup Diet

2kg Down and now officially gagging when I need to eat cabbage soup.

Unfortunaytely I did not write a list of things that I ate on Day 6 of my Cabbage Soup diet. It always seems easier to do this when you're at the office and not distracted by the kids or the home chores or the hubby or Guitar Hero. KWIM? (Know What I mean?)

I just know that I stuck to my diet most of the day yesterday and I did not feel hungry because we were so busy. I went shopping in the morning for new pants for Megan because suddenly she's sprouting up like a beanstalk and most of her pants and jeans are half way up her leg.

Anyway, we went to friends in the afternoon / evening for a Potjie (a stew cooked in a large black cast iron pot over coals) for those of your who don't live in South Africa and are not familiar with the South Africanisms on my Blog and I was sooooooooooo good. I didn't take any of the chips and dip, I didn't nibble on the kid's chocolatey snacks, I did have wine though *blush*. Its one thing I can't seem to give up. Quite frankly, I'd rather not eat all morning to have a couple of glasses of wine. I know, I'm terrible! I don't feel too ashamed though - its just what I like and enjoy.

The Potjie was really yummy. The first proper plate of food I've had in 6 days but you'll be glad to know I did not over do it at all. I had one small plate and did not go back for seconds - like most of the others. I even got mocked for taking such a little plate of food. Mock me if you like but I want to be the one with the skinny ass come Summer...

Today will be a little harder as we're going to my Mother In Law for lunch who is the best cook I know. Her home cooked food is literally to die for. Real "Boere Kos" (for those non South Africans that would be two types of roasted meat, roast potatoes, three types of cooked veggies, rice and everything cooked in butter and smothered in gravy).

Its just my favourite! There is nothing on earth like it and you find it hard NOT going back for seconds for at least one or two of the dishes. Then of course there is dessert - usually a cooked hot sticky pudding with ice cream and/or custard. And naturally there will be wine there too.

Oh Woe! What am I going to do?

Am I going to say; "FEK IT" and take the day off and start the diet again tomorrow? Nah, I don't want to undo all the good I've done in a week. I'll just take smaller portions and skip on dessert. I'm not sure how my will power will favour me today...

Will report back tomorrow on how I did. I'm not hoping for the best tho...

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