Day 4 on Cabbage Soup Diet

Went to Pilates yesterday at lunch time and weighed myself afterwards and I'm down 1kg already!! Yipeee. Couldn't be happier.

I made the girls supper last night and was very tempted to nibble on their leftovers but I didn't. I'm very proud of myself. The best thing about it all is that I'm not hungry. It just goes to show you that you can live on virtually fluids, fruits and veg and not be hungry and loose weight. We put so much crap into our bodies and then we wonder why we're always tired and feeling ill. I'm sure a big chunk of it has to do with the fact that we're eating all the wrong foods and cause us to have these symptoms. Stress plays a huge part in that but if you have the correct diet and stick to an eating plan you can really pinpoint problems.

Perhaps I should become a vegan...Hmmmmm I'm thinkin' thats a bit drastic for me. Especially being the dedicated chocoholic and starchoholic that I am... I'm sure the weekend will really be a test for me.

Yesterday looked like this :

8:00 – Black Tea
8:30 – Banana
10:00 – Black Tea and Rusk
11:00 – Naartjie
12:00 – Black Tea
13:00 – Pilates (gym)
15:10 – Cabbage Soup
16:00 – Banana
18:00 – Cabbage Soup
20:00 – Handful of Raisins

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