Megan has Official been Accepted to Big School!

We were all sitting down to enjoy supper this evening, when we heard a "toot-toot" of a car horn at our gate. We didn't recognise the car, so Riaan went out to the gate and it was the Admissions Officer from Megan's Primary School.

She hand-delivered Megan's papers for school next year and had a letter attached that she'd been provisionally accepted. We only need to complete all her documentation and pay her enrollment fee within two weeks for her Registration to be completed.

The Admissions Officer said that they take the opportunity hand-delivery the letters in order to make courtsey calls to all new Grade One admissions as a double check that applications come from families that are in the designated "legal" areas for their particular school.

I guess its another safety measure that your children will be in small classes with learners from the demarcated areas only.

Brilliant! I was very impressed with their methods and their professionalism.

My Wee Button Megan is now officially a Primary School Learner from 2010. Gosh! That's pretty scary - it just means I'm getting old and that my baby is on her way through the education system.

She is so excited about starting "Big School" next year and I'd hate to burst her bubble by telling her she has 12 long years of school, homework, projects, school athletics ahead of her. Perhaps then she wouldn't be quite so excited.

So, for now we will take it one semester at a time and start saving up for school uniforms and stationery.

Its all quiet bitter-sweet.

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