2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept Review

After two years of absence from the international stage, Bertone, returned to the Geneva Motor Show, revealing the concept car Alfa Romeo Pandion: an aggressive yet beautiful coupe designed as a tribute to Alfa Romeo, "an anniversary one hundred years.

Alfa Romeo concept Pandion: an extreme sports car and typically controversial Bertone. The size of the concept car (4620 mm long, 1971 mm wide, 1230 mm in height, wheelbase of 2,850 mm) is compact sports car with a great sense of external sports car interior, all driven per liter 4.7, 450 bhp 8 - cylinder Alfa Romeo engine.

Alfa Romeo concept Pandion is the first car produced by Mike Robinson in his new role as design and brand manager Bertone. "Dream Car" A pure concept of Pandion Alfa Romeo takes his rightful place as a member of the family stories Bertone Alfa Romeo cars have always been style icons, the influence of the history of Italian craftsmanship and quality car in excellent design, showing themselves as the undisputed benchmark in the world of automotive design.

The name comes from the animal world, as Pandion haliaetus is the scientific name of an osprey, a sea hawk nesting and living in coastal areas. The designers, led by Mike Robinson, was inspired by the wing of this predator to invent mechanisms spectacular opening of the door, and facial markings hawks project a sense of the traditional family in the new Alfa era of design.

In nearly a century of tradition Bertone is not the first time that the natural wonders that have inspired the name of concept cars. Just think of the Corvair Testudo (1963) and, coincidentally, the Alfa Romeo Babysitting (1964), Carabo (1968) and Delfino (1983).

Design: The initial concept

Taut, muscular body Alfa Romeo Pandion concept is the result of an original interpretation of the Alfa Romeo badge, where man-eating snake represented is the appeal of elegance (what we call the skin ""), and the symbol Cross aristocratic rigor of rational thought, the technological aspect (what we call the "frame"). Under this interpretation, the design of Alfa Romeo Pandion concept is, like any Alfa Romeo, a perfect synthesis of "skin and frame, 'a perfect balance result of a tension between opposites: the technology and sensuality, rationality and instinct, architecture and sculpture, structuralism and organicism, manufacturing excellence and excellent finish.

Alfa Romeo Pandion design concept is based on the concept of Robinson called "Skin & Frame" - a new interpretation of the nature of duality, a 100 year old Alfa Romeo logo. "Skin" logo means the snake, which represents the famous Italian excellence in a beautiful, seductive forms, and the "frame" refers to the logo of the cross, which represents the mechanical excellence, high-performance Italian racing cars. The combination has become a dynamic line looking for the perfect balance between the tension between opposites: the technology, and sensuality, the rational and the emotional, the architectural layout and contoured shape, structure and organic excellence industrial and craft of excellence.

This interpretation, vibrant energy in every Alfa Romeo is Pandions "structure (or" frames "), which exceeds the length of the car V-shaped car grille V-shaped nose and tail bumpers of cars in line a visually aesthetic element that supports the surrounding shell (or 'skin').

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