2010 Lotus Elan Concept

As the old saying goes, you can not write the cake and eat it too. Previously, we have been trained to believe that you can have it all. But it was over. The guide now takes longer and produces a Lotus Elan.

The Lotus Elan is the heart of the new Lotus line-up. This is a sports car, of course, is a Lotus after all, but thanks to some clever innovations of the Lotus Elan everyday use as well.

With a 2 +2 variant, the Lotus Elan is the only car you need.

Output in the second half of 2013, the Lotus Elan has 4.0-liter V6 engine with a supercharger can produce up to 450 horsepower, and considering its relatively light weight 1295 kg, the performance of the edges of a Lotus Elan super car.

From the point of view of style, the Lotus Elan is built like an athlete with a muscular physique and perfectly balanced. It's a thoroughbred, with a voltage stiff, ambitious and exciting, but nothing better in class enough for this car.

It is not enough simply to provide exceptional performance and appearance, innovation is also an integral part called Lotus Elan. With another new area of ​​the Lotus Elan has an option with the KERS hybrid technology.

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus, said: "If ever there was a car to get you to ride The Long Way Home, Lotus Elan is perfect for road and rail, Lotus Elan, not only all tick boxes. it creates a new also. "

"Elan to convert people to Lotus, I would like to challenge people to not become dependent on non-resilient will also go a long way toward dispelling the old misconceptions about this class, that to be effective you have to sacrifice usability -.. Those days are gone "

"When you drive Elan looks back, gives you things you do not even realize that was missing - is the core Lotus Elan, and perfectly captures the spirit."

A car, a zero commitment.

Specifying Lotus Elan

Layout: 2 persons (optional 2 +2), mid-engine, rear wheel drive

Engine: Gasoline, hybrid option

Hybrid Technology: KERS optional

Cylinders: V6

Capacity: 4.0 liters

Power / torque: 450 hp / 465 Nm

Rev Limit: 7800 rpm

0-100 km / h: 3.5 seconds

Maximum speed: 310 kmh

CO2/km: 199 g / km (using the hybrid option)

Weight: 1.295 kg

Seats: 2

Transmission: 7-speed DCT

Drivetrain: RWD

Start of production: Summer 2013

Enters the market in the fall of 2013

Price indication: approximately £ 75 000

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