2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

After its world premiere of the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the new Alfa Romeo debuted in May 2010 and gradually sold in all major markets, which is relaunching the brand in one of the most important segments in Europe.

The centennial year Alfa Romeo Giulietta was appointed a tribute to a car and an Alfa Romeo legend. In the fifties, took Alfa Romeo Giulietta the imagination of car enthusiasts around the world, making the dream of owning an Alfa Romeo and enjoy the high level of expertise and comfort techniques available for the first time.

Now, the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo has produced a new Alfa Romeo, five doors and clear the appearance of the Alfa Romeo and are able to express such is the most challenging agility and comfort for all day trips. This is a new compact platform that allows advanced technical solutions to serve the suspension, double rack and pinion control active, sophisticated materials and manufacturing techniques used to implement, allows the Alfa Romeo Giulietta to achieve exceptionally high standards as well as in terms of Ships comfort and driving dynamics and safety (active and passive).

A new forum to improve the safety grip and agility, comfort and total

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta presents an entirely new platform - called Compact - designed to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of handling, agility and safety. It provides excellent performance and high dynamic level of comfort, thanks to sophisticated technical solutions to the suspension, steering system of the new generation, and a thin and hard, created from materials such as aluminum, steel high resistance, and cutting edge techniques.

This new platform will allow the Alfa Romeo Giulietta meet the needs of all customers of that class that combines the comfort on board, functional interior and generous luggage space, with the dynamic qualities that belong to all the Alfa Romeo. Moreover, satisfaction and ride comfort can be tailored to specific customer needs through the Alfa DNA switch, a device that adjusts the behavior of the car depending on road conditions and individual driving style. The new platform of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was designed to integrate various vehicle systems and exploit them in full, which underlines the three setup functions (Dynamic, Normal and All Weather) available through the Alfa DNA switch.

This device is standard across the range of the new model is designed to change the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering and electronic differential Q2 behavior, in addition to the logic of the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC).

Sporty and comfortable, Italian style

The perfect blend of sportiness and style, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta redefines the technology standards of the brand and the emotional values.

On the face of a new interpretation of a classic dish embedded in the front bumper and the break between the air intakes. This is the starting point for designing the entire car, which combines a strong personality clearly an elegant form. The headlights are LED daytime running lights and the light of day as a measure of active safety.

Although the profile of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is full of personality that gives the impression of a car flexible and robust. This is mainly because of the side windows, similar to the appearance of a cut, highlights the dynamics and liquid form, thanks to hidden behind the door handles. The ribs on the sides of the vehicle appears to extend the car while the clean lines that end up on the form of pointing back corner of the body.

Behind, as front and side, has a different style, which emphasizes the feeling of muscular, firmly grabbed the car on the road. Moreover, as the headlights, tail lights also an innovative use of LED technology, not only for style, but also for preventive safety.

Finally, measuring the amount of compact and dynamic shape of the new car for a very comfortable and spacious boot (350 liters): it is 4.35 meters long, 1.46 meters high and 1.80 meters wide , with a wheelbase of 2.63 meters.

Advanced features for maximum well-being on board

The attention to detail and quality of materials used in interiors today, as always, the ultimate expression of Italian style. More specifically, the dominant concept of interior design is a new lightness. The lines are clean and the instrument panel to develop horizontally. The seats are comfortable, and their form has been designed for maximum comfort on long journeys.

Thanks to the ergonomic interior design, each switch is: the main cluster in the center of the dashboard and have the same design as the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

The pop-up navigation system allows the driver to see a safe route, or the mechanical function of the parameters established by the Alfa DNA system without the need to take their eyes off the road.

There are practical open storage compartments located in different areas of the cab in front of the gearbox in the center console and door linings. There are storage compartments closed - depending on the version - at the top of the dashboard instrument panel facing the front passenger (cooled with dual zone climate control) and front and rear armrests.

Motors for an exciting innovation, the environment unit

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta guarantees the highest levels of performance and technology through a range of engines that are state of the art in terms of technology, levels of performance and environmental friendliness. After its commercial launch, four engines Turbo will be available to meet all Euro 5 and the Start & Stop system to reduce levels of consumption and emissions standard: two petrol engines (120 hp and 170 hp 1.4 1.4TB Multiair TB) and two diesels (105 hp and 170 hp 1.6 JTDM 2.0 JTDM, both second generation Multijet engines.) The range is complemented by HP's high performance 235 1750 Turbo Diesel with direct injection and scanning control combined with unique interior Quadrifoglio Verde.

This latest version has a 235 hp engine 1750 TBi perfectly represents the way Alfa Romeo offers the most in this segment. Not just a vehicle but a vehicle that can really in contact with the client. There is a strong acceleration with high torque at low revs, smooth response that minimizes the use thanks to the flexibility gearbox is typical for modern gasoline engines and engine noise that book without ever being intrusive . In detail, boasts 1750 turbo gasoline engine advanced technical solutions, including direct fuel injection, dual continuously variable valve timing, turbocharging and a revolutionary control system that gets rid of scavengers any turbo lag. The resulting performance is comparable to - or better - as in many 3-liter engine fuel consumption while continuing to offer is a typical four-cylinder compact unit.

It should be noted that the specific power of 134 hp / liter is the world's highest and the four-cylinder is installed in this vehicle class, as well as the highest ever achieved in the production of Alfa Romeo engines. Specific torque of a total of 194 Nm / liter, the highest category of all gasoline engines, while the maximum torque of 340 Nm, reached only 1900 rpm, is excellent.

The range of engines available can meet the needs of all customers. First, the 1.4TB 120 hp is ideal for those looking for a car that can handle the traffic of the city with ease, keeping operating costs to a minimum. The turbo engine ensures a fast response even at low rpm (peak torque is reached at just 1,750 rpm) while Start & Stop, in the city, fuel consumption and harmful emissions dramatically without compromising the comfort and security board.

1.4 TB 170 bhp engine Multiair is a combination of technology, which combines a high performance level of the lowest emissions and fuel consumption of petrol engines in its class with this power. This is an excellent and flexible engine with a generous maximum torque of 250 Nm (if set to Dynamic) with Start & Stop levels and fuel consumption and emissions more similar to diesel than petrol, this time with a power (4.6 l/100 km in the urban cycle and 134 g / km of CO2). The combination of this new engine platform for Alfa Romeo at the peak of the segment as well as its dynamic properties and comfort and practicality of everyday use.

The 105 HP 1.6 JTDM diesel engine is a flexible and cost that will surprise customers because of its rapid response (in dynamic mode, max. The torque is a generous 320 Nm at just 1750 rpm) combined with extremely low fuel consumption (in the extra cycle is only 3.7 l/100 km). This is possible through a combination of technology and second generation Multijet Start & Stop system. Therefore, it is an engine dedicated to all those who seek a car with character and a distinctive style that gives agility and handling typical of Alfa Romeo is not yet able to combine these with the costs of operation limited.

Customers who use the car for the road more, or who require maximum performance levels of the diesel engine, the Alfa Romeo 2.0 JTDM offers 170 hp. Again, it is a combination of technology, technology that combines second generation Multijet Start & Stop system. The result is a performance of a vehicle in its segment, a very smooth driving (where the group selector DNA in Dynamic mode, the available torque at 1750 rpm is a generous 350 Nm), the lowest fuel consumption and emissions of its category for cars that power (124 g / km of CO2 and 4, 1 100 km in the extra-urban cycle). Thank you for the exceptional features of the new compact platform, this version is able to combine beautiful and dynamic driving performance, comfort and practicality in its class.

All engines are combined with a manual of the state of the art 6-speed, belonging to the family of three shaft that can withstand and transmit torque up high. Then the Multiair and 170 HP 2.0 JTDM engine is also associated with an innovative dual-clutch automatic.

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