1941 Jeep Willys MA

With modifications and improvements, the Willys Quad became the MA, and later the MB. But the army, and the world became known as the Jeep ®.

Some have argued that the name was slurring the letters "GP", an acronym for the military, "General Purpose". Others say that the vehicle has been designated as a popular character named "Eugene the Jeep" in the Popeye comic strip. Regardless of its origin, the name became the American dictionary, and for some time, it was almost as common name, and SUVs, the Jeep itself became an icon of the war.

The Willys MA had a shifter on the steering column, just cut side of the body, two circular instrument clusters on the dashboard, and a hand brake on the left side. Willys struggled to reduce the weight of the specification of the new army 2160 pounds. Items removed from Massachusetts to achieve this were presented on the next generation of MB resulting in a final weight of only about 400 lbs. specifications.

Willys-Overland would build more than 368,000 cars and Ford, under license, some 277,000, the U.S. Army. The sturdy, reliable vehicles olive sad would forever known to help win a world war.

Marks the Willys "Jeep" name after the war and planned to turn the vehicle into an all-terrain utility vehicle on the farm - the civilian Jeep Universal. One of the slogans of Willys "at the time was" the sun never sets on the Mighty Jeep, "and the company is to ensure Willys recognized worldwide as the creator of the vehicle.

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