Ulterior Wild In Wildlife

Ulterior Wild In WildlifeOh wow – what a belting album!
These guys have a huge sound and make the most of some stunning songs.

Attitude to the max and they really don’t mind whose influences they incorporate – Honey’s vocals have the sneer of Billy Idol and the passion of Jim Kerr but with the pounding beats of MCG and Mickey J’s booming basslines they have the sort of punch you might expect from the New York clubbers of the ‘70’s. Simmons guitar buzzes and crackles with real malevolence and the whole band sound as though they are ganging up on the world.

There are moments that have the corrupted sounds of Suicide or early Japan but they have their own dirty and sick souls and the sheer danceability of their sickness is a wonder to experience.

There isn’t anything here you might mistake for ‘nice’, not with titles like ‘Sex War Sex Cars Sex’ and ‘Too In Love To Fuck’, but they live up to their slogan of ‘If life is to fix, fuck the cure – Live Sick’ and deliver some of the nastiest lyrics for years with no shame or sniggering.

Now I have got to see them live – this should be amazing on stage.


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