Hydroelectric Power in the Koto Panjang

 Hydroelectric Power in the Koto Panjang
A. Overview

Hydroelectric Koto Panjang area not merely as a source of electricity and clean water sources, but also stores historical value to society and the Kampar regency regency of Riau province in particular and society in general and West Sumatra. Koto Panjang area of ​​hydropower development began in 1979, when PLN plans to build small scale dams in Tanjung Pauh to make use of water bars Mahat, Sungai Kampar Kanan child. In September and November 1979, TEPSCO (Tokyo Electric Power Service Co.. Ltd.), A Japanese consulting firm, sent a search team project (project finding) to Sumatra. From the survey results, TEPSCO suggested the construction of large-scale dam at the confluence of Sungai Kampar Kanan with the location of Batang Mahat damsitenya Koto Panjang area. In January 1993, the development project located on the boundary with the province of Riau province of West Sumatra began. In March 1996, the dam was completed and immediately conducted tests of water inundation. Coinciding with Friday February 28, 1997, water-logging was officially made.

B. Feature

Hydroelectric Koto Panjang area has beautiful natural scenery with the background of a row of hills covered with various kinds of trees. From a distance looks Bukit Barisan mountain that became the upstream water of this reservoir. Blue lake water seemed to attract visitors to navigate the area about 12,900 hectares is by boat or pompong. The area is beautiful and quiet is very suitable to be a place to let go of tired after working all day or just for inspiration.

C. Location

Hydroelectric Power Plant located in the village of Koto Panjang Merangin, West Bangkinang District, Kampar District, Riau Province, Indonesia.

 Hydroelectric Power in the Koto Panjang
D. Access

Koto Panjang hydropower is about 87 kilometers from the city of Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau province, and is 20 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkinang Kampar regency. Travelers who are in Pekanbaru city and in the City Bangkinang, can visit attractions Hydroelectric Koto Panjang using the bus.

E. Ticket Prices

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F. Accommodation and Facilities

In tourist areas there are hydropower Koto Panjang stalls that sell various kinds of food, drinks and souvenirs.

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