I asked Gresik Wisidi Beach

I asked Gresik Wisidi Beach
Kuta Beach Bali is no doubt of its beauty and of course make tourists feel at home there.

However, now residents of East Java, do not bother to go to Kuta if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful white sand, crystal clear sea water, and waves. Because, it can all be enjoyed in Tourism objects Segoro Beautiful Dalegan (Wisidi).

Wisidi Dalegan precisely located in the Village, District PANCENG, which is located approximately 40 km from the center of Gresik. Sightseeing dealing with the Java Sea is full of tourists and not infrequently also tourists from abroad come to enjoy the atmosphere of friendly waves using a float.

As the national holiday of this presidential election. After using their voting rights, citizens crowded the beach Wisidi to reach thousands of visitors on Wednesday (8 / 7).

In certain months, this beach can be one alternative place for surfers. To enjoy the beautiful beach to watch the sunset, we do not need to pay fees. Simply buy a ticket for Rp 2,500. Sightseeing which has an area of ​​more or less 2 acres it had been one mainstay of the city of Gresik, especially for the Village Dalegan, being able to contribute significantly to rural development.

"Funds obtained from these attractions have been able to be used to provide cash subsidies for 41 neighborhood (RT), six neighborhood (RW) local, road construction and also construction of two village hall," said Muzarodin, the village head Dalegan.

This beach attractions open to the public starting in 2003 and until now progress very rapidly. This beach is also not infrequently used to practice beach volleyball athletes in East Java. Going forward, this coastal tourism will be expanded so that it can provide new jobs for local people and able to introduce the city of Gresik in the international world.


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