Flash Fiction Friday 55 - Episode 22

Writing is the name of this game.  The aim is to write a complete story in 55 words.  Sometimes its easy, sometimes you have no clue.  I don't claim to be a writer (at all) but what does come out is from the heart.

So, head on over and join the Blorgy of Writers - to G-Man (The Blorgologist) and hook up with him and write your 55.  Here's mine:

Lights, Camera, Action!
Heavy red velvet curtains slowlyopen
Excited twinkling-eyed 7years olds enter Stage Left
Cue Music!
Twirling and Bopping
Showcasing their carefully practisedmoves
Loud Applause from thethrilled Audience
But the spectators are only ThePparents
Waving mum’s and dad’s wearinggoofy smiles and moist eyes
Beaming with Pride

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 Here's mine for the week:
  • The stubborn hangover I suffered on Monday, all day! I'm never fucking drinking again...
  • The vicision South African sun that burnt my pearly white scottish skin toa  crisp over the weekend.  I love summer but my tender skin does NOT play along.
  • F-F-Fuck you to the arsewipe that thought he was gonna cut me off in traffic on Wednesday morning.  My kilowatts are more than yours, Wanker!  Step aside..The  Orange ST Beast's turbo kicks in and nails your pathetic Loser arse to the wall.  Dipshit!
  • My final Fuck You goes out to the two little piss-willies who tried to rob my Boerewors of his cellphone in the traffic yesterday.  Did you little Bastid Fuckers think you would get it right?

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