Kissing's good for your health. So pucker up, Baby,

Most of us love the tingle that great kiss gives us!

Kissing is just not a mode of attaining pleasure in life, but it can also provide a number of health benefits - from blood pressure problems to a stressful mind.  Kissing increases our heart rate and lowers the speed at which the fine aging lines can appear on your face.  Move over Botox Bitch, all you have to do is smooch - and its FREE!

Kissing helps in burn calories!!  Lets get skinny, Skanks! You can expect your face to burn fat by participating in the art of making love. The moral of the story is that kissing is just not a way to gratify your desires, but it can dish up your life with good health. So, keep up your kissing practice!  *mwah*

It is believed that saliva build up during kissing can help in cleaning the teeth and also, in restricting the formation of plaque on them. This saliva contains proteins, which are helpful in removing the bacteria growth as well as the acids accumulated inside teeth. Thus, if you don’t want to visit your Sadist-of-a-dentist often, it is good to practice kissing more than usually.

Sucking face can handle various health issues. Thus, you have another reason to practise smooching on regular basis.  Remember when we used to kiss the backs of our hands as young girls?  We'd graunch our wrists until our lips were frayed at the ends.  Oh, come on, don't say you didn't do it!  Geezo, we just had to be ready when the boys wanted to pucker up and lean in close for that first serious french kiss.


Kiss in the car
Kiss in public
Kiss in the rain
Kiss under the mistletoe
Kiss goodnight
Blow Kisses
Kiss with your eyes closed
Kiss in the nude
Kiss in the shower
Kiss under the stairs
Kiss in the park

Kissing 101 is available for those who are 'rusty' or have not mastered the art of the Smooch.

“First kiss is like an old photograph; time can make a feeling fade, but the memory of first love never fades away.”

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