Megan's Wizard of Oz Concert

Megan's first concert in "Big School" (Grade 1) was a HUGE hit.  

Their theme was The Wizard of Oz and THRASS reading programme, which they learn at school.  They combined the two to create an awesome production of Dorothy Learning to Read helped along by a Nun named Maria.

It was so well-thought out and the decorations were outstanding. The props and costumes were lovely too. The teachers had gone to so much trouble and the students were so excited to perform for us.

Megan was the "K" for Kitten and sang the Cat, Kitten THRASS song and danced along.  It was so precious.  I couldn't help but get teary-eyed and I was absolutely bursting with pride.  Kaylin was sitting on Daddy's lap in the audience clapping along to all the songs that she knew because their nursery school also introduced THRASS a few years ago - so all the stuff was familiar to her.  She applauded and waved to her sister (but then again so did we).

Another two nights of performances and then we're done for the week.

Wizard The Oz

My Wee Megan as the "K" for Kitten
Here you can actually see her wee ears
The Scarecrow, Dorothy and Maria (the nun)
The Tin Man
Some others from Megan's class
The pirates
Some more friends
I painted her face as a kitten for the second night


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