Kaylin's School Concert

Its been a busy week for us with Megan's concert four nights this week.  

Kaylin had her opening night last night and I really wasn't expecting anything from my wee Aspies four year old.  The last two years in a row its been chronic stage fright, loads of sobbing tears and "I waaaant my Muuuuuummmy!". 

Last night was COMPLETELY different!  She was a Soopa Star and I couldn't have been prouder.

KK was front and centre and with a smile that went all the way around her head, she danced and sang her wee heart out.  I was beaming with pride and yes my eyes were welling up!  Shut up, don't judge me....

Anyhoo, their theme was Rock 'n Roll and they'd gone all out with the decor and props.  They even had some old classic cars parked out front.  What a show...

The Entrance
KK's Concert Artwork
The Opening Dancers
Kaylin shakin wot her Mama gave her to the song "Please, Mr Postman"
"Look and see...."
Sittin' here waitin' Mr Postman  - so patiently...

Wigglin' Bums
Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah....
The Hand Jive
I could've eaten her up!
The boys did Grease Lightning...in their jumpsuits
Elvis was also in the Building
My Boy Lollipop!
Some of them really got into Rock 'n Roll character
Hey! Big Spender....

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