A quick Update

My wee lass lost her front tooth this morning.  Mum yanked on it and out it came so we have the Tooth Fairy coming to visit us tonight.  

My Mum was rushed to hospital yesterday after not feeling too great when her and my dad went to the mall.  They immediately took her to the Nurse at the Shopping Mall who called the paramedics after puting her on a drip.  My mum has been admitted to hospital with pnuemonia and possible diabetes.  She is on an antibiotic drip for her chest infection, receiving oxygen and nebuliser two to three times a day.   The doc did the blood work this morning as he suspects she has diabetes and we are waiting for the results so that they can start insulin.  How on earth do you get diabetes at 67 years old?

I'm stuck at The Dome working until Monday and Mum is soooo far away....

Speaking of working, the 2010 Fifa Fine Arts Collection arrived at our exhibition on Tuesday and some fekker broke the leg off the offical 4 metre Bronze Statue that's supposed to be unveiled at a media and press function on Friday night at the Expo!  Did I piss myself laughin'  or what?   I had a good giggle watching them weld the leg back on to our offical soccer statue - bad omen????......only in Africa....anywhere else in the world this piece would be handled with kid-gloves.

Riaan's hearing at work is tomorrow...

Busy, hectic, stressful week.  I'll need either a week off at the Spa (wishful thinking) after all this or Sleep Therapy!

My Wee Toothless wonder

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