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A Big tthanks to Green Eyed Momster for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  Its always great to receive these awards - never fails to put a smile on my face - and so does your blog~
The rules are now I have to tell you five things that I like and pass the award on to five fellow bloggers.  This is always hard for me because I follow about 150 blogs and read them daily.  If I missed you this time, there will always be a next time.

1.  I like to sit quietly with a cuppa tea, peppermint crisp and a fag.
2.  I like spending time with friends and family - sharing a glass of wine and a chat.  I dont know what I'd do without my friends!  You all know who you are.

3.  I like my wee blog and blogging.  It makes me feel as if my heart and soul is "out there" and I get support from the most awesome fellow readers and bloggers who have become quite close to my heart.  I heart y'all.

4.  I like the fact that I have found old school friends on Facebook and they are sharing the most amazing old photos with me.  It makes me smile, laugh and brings back good memories.

5.  I like getting into bed every night.  I love lying down on the cool linen, my head on my soft duck down pillow underneath the ceiling fan, saying my prayers, closing my eyes and drifting into blissful sleep where I have the most amazing dream adventures.

Now I have to pass this award onto five other Beautiful Bloggers.

Here they are:

Beautiful Blueviolent over at A Nut in a Nutshell

Nancy from F8hasit  

Texan Gal Fragrant Liar

I shoulda been a stripper by Chrissy Starr (her Stipper name)

Give these gorgeous gals a visit why donchya!


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