Funky Hair Friday and Update

I sprayed our hair blue today and took some pictures....Kaylin took cupcakes to her school today for her wee friends as she's turning four tomorrow.  They got to celebrate her birthday a day early.  My baby is turning four.  Can you belive it?  Gosh, I feel old.

Today was a pretty shitey day overall. 

Riaan got his final verdict from the company that he's been employed with for seven months and they have dismissed him. 

We still can't believe it!  Its been a long 5 weeks at home for him worrying about his job.

He was out of the blue slapped with a suspension five weeks ago pending an investigation from the company's side.  It was a week and a half before he even knew was the charges were!  After he knew what the chargers were, he requested access to his emails to do his own investigation.  Then the light went on and he knew what it was all about.  He'd missed a request on the bottom an email to do something (he was pretty busy on another project).  One little mistake and he's been charged with Deregation!

BS BS!!!

Especially since he has no formal job description, has had no formal hand-over from the guy who was supposed to be assisting him settle into his new position at the company.  At no time did they call him in to discuss why he didn't follow the instruction.  No counselling was given to him.  No verbal warning, no written warning, nothing!

He had a disciplinary hearing that lasted from 9am in the morning until 4:30pm in the afternoon and he was totally shattered when he got home.  He has no company representative as he's only been there 7 months and doesn't have a strong trusting relationship with anyone there.  He's had to wait an entire week for the findings and the verdict from the Chairperson.  More waiting and worrying...

Emotionally it has taken its toll on him.  He is a broken man at the moment....he's so demotivated, so desponded and very down.  Its been exhausting for me trying to keep him in good spirits as well as trying to keep it from the girls, my dad's car accident, my mum in the hospital and all this amongst our Expo (the busiest time of my working year).

I'm drained, my Boerewors is depressed and its a tense household right now.  We don't know how we're going to get through the next month with no salary from my Boerewors.  We may have to sell our belowed Ford Focus ST to make ends meet.

He wants to contest it all.  He wants to appeal but I'm not sure he has the energy for it.  One day he has the anger in him to fight them, the next day he's like, Woteva and couldn't be bothered going through it all again... I hope he finds some fight within him and take the company to the CCMA for unfair dismissal.  I know he has a case as he clearly got the short end of the stick.  They wanted rid of him somehow for something and we don't know who has stabbed him in the back or why.  There is no closure for him.  He is the first to admit when he's done something wrong but one little mistake and you're out?  Its just doesn't seem fair.

Give a guy a break!

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