2010 Gauteng Homemakers Expo

2010 Gauteng Homemakers Expo was a big success.
Saturday was pretty busy and the isles were chock-a-block with visitors. 
It was aweseome!

The 2010 Fifa Fine Arts Collection including the 4 metre bronze statue that I told you about earlier in the week that lost a leg during the Build-up of the Expo.

This was our Decor on a Budget feature area which was gorgeous.

I loved this "room" which they created.  The tables are rounds of sliced up tree trunks painted.  The same with the side tables which were mounted on "legs".  The lampshades were upsidedown chrome buckets and brightly coloured broom handles were the stands. I just adore the cow painting, the crate shelves on the wall and the ribbon curtains.  The carpet was painted with blackboard paint and they wrote funky slogans and vintage song lyrics on it with chalk.  Very original!!

I then stumbled across Rooikop's bags again this year in our Design for Living Feature area.  This fellow red head makes bags from recycle plastic carrier bags.  Awesome stuff!  I still wanna get me one!

While walking through the expo taking pix, I came across Ann Gadd's "For Ewe" stand which displayed her paintings and her books.  I stood there for ages going through every single one giggling out loud.  Eventually she came up to me and asked if she could help me.  I told her I was admiring her clever and entertaining paintings and that I hadn't enjoyed such a good laugh in ages.  Her stuff is genius!

Eventually, I just had to buy one of her paintings and there were so many good ones I couldn't decided on just ONE.  I sent a friend back today to buy more...isn't her stuff just adorable?  I couldn't help myself and bought her book as well ...

My new Ann Gadd painting

Her book in my grubby paws.

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