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My Heart is Sore!

My mum left to go back to the south coast last night after spending two weeks with my sister and two weekends in a row with me. It was so wonderful to have her stay with us and be part of our wee family, even if it was only for a couple of days. She is brilliant with the children and she has a wisdom and calm about her that makes me feel safe and secure. She has endless patience and she is so easy to talk to. She has such inner strength and stays positive no matter what. I think her relationship with God has something to do with that.

I normally cry when my mum leaves to go home but it doesn’t last too long because I know I’ll see her again soon but last night I was really sobbing. Luckily my Boerewors was there to hold me tight while the tears trickled down my cheeks.

You would think that it would get easier to say goodbye after her being living down in the south coast for ten years but, it doesn’t. It gets harder and I think its getting harder because I see my mum is getting older and I realise she’s not going to be around forever. I guess I feel that I never know when I’m going to see her again and the fact that I can’t just “pop in” when I need her or miss her. I want to be there for HER. She’s been there for me no matter what and now that she’s getting older she can’t do everything she used to be able to – physically I mean. She has arthritis in her back and wrists and I can see its sore but she tries to hide it well and carry on regardless. I wish I could help her out and take care of her like she’s done for me all these years. My mum has had a rough life and been to hell and back moving her family to a new country, feeling alone in a new country and now alone in her marriage.

The longing feeling is still with me today even though I have called my mum on the phone to make sure she got home okay…I still feel empty and sad.

She's my best friend and the best and most special mum in the world!!!

I love you!

Eating fruits it's healthy! Fruit coloring page


I Can Sing a Rainbow

This is a gorgeous little song that my mum taught Kaylin and Megan while she was here this weekend (with the actions) and now they can't stop singing it.

This will be Granny's Song and it has a lovely sweet little melody to it. It reminds me of when I was little and my mum used to sing it to my sister and I.


A Message for Wade

and the people at the bottom are the Verster family: Keith, Nikki, Wes and Wadie.


If you're into cross stitch - then you're going to love this Hello Kitty pattern for cross-stitch....


Have you ever seen a fairy dance? 
Well, here is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and I think you'll agree she is as graceful as she is beautiful... enjoy this fairy video and don't forget to print a few Fairy coloring pages before you leave - and why not be kind and print one or two for a friend too?

Here is the Sugar Plum Fairy for you to print and color in - if you like coloring sheets - scroll down this page and you'll find many more pretty, beautiful, cute and amazing fairy coloring pages. This is a great coloring picture for girls who love fairies and ballet! Good luck!


Here's a picture to color of Tarzan on a hippo's nose....

Bunch of Apples Coloring Page


Eiza Gonzalez (Galeria 2)

Eizaonline, y Revista Lola




Here are some Hello Kitty printables

These are some fantastic Hello Kitty paper crafts that you can print and create. There's a Hello Kitty paper party hat, some bookmarks, a little favor bag and also a Tic Tac Toe game. These are great activities to print out and make at a birthday party. It's good to have activity sheets such as these at parties to keep guests entertained in between party games or while waiting for all guests to arrive or to be collected.

Conversations with Megan

Last night after the bath, Megan was sitting on the bedroom floor carpet, her dad blowdrying her hair and we were talking about dangerous things in and around the home.

She was listing the usual things:

  • Don't run with scissors

  • Don't stick your finger in the electric plug holes

  • Don't touch the hot stove

and then...

  • "A hairdrier, because if Daddy puts the hairdrier too near my hair it BURNS MY HEAD like he's doing NOW *pointing with both thumbs towards her scalp* Och!!!

Gosh I laughed at matter of fact...


Stephanie Cayo (Galeria 2)

Representaciones Gabriel Blanco

Otras fotos:
Stephanie Cayo (Galeria 1)



Here are some more free printable fairy invitations that you can print up for your next birthday party - simply click on the invite you like best and it will open up full - size - next, press CONTROL and the letetr P on your keyboard and it will print up however many copies you need for your party guests. If you'd like to save the image instead - then just click on the image to see it full size - then RIGHT click on it and choose SAVE PICTURE AS.

Fairy Party Deluxe Birthday Box

Laugh Yer Arse Off!


Megan has Official been Accepted to Big School!

We were all sitting down to enjoy supper this evening, when we heard a "toot-toot" of a car horn at our gate. We didn't recognise the car, so Riaan went out to the gate and it was the Admissions Officer from Megan's Primary School.

She hand-delivered Megan's papers for school next year and had a letter attached that she'd been provisionally accepted. We only need to complete all her documentation and pay her enrollment fee within two weeks for her Registration to be completed.

The Admissions Officer said that they take the opportunity hand-delivery the letters in order to make courtsey calls to all new Grade One admissions as a double check that applications come from families that are in the designated "legal" areas for their particular school.

I guess its another safety measure that your children will be in small classes with learners from the demarcated areas only.

Brilliant! I was very impressed with their methods and their professionalism.

My Wee Button Megan is now officially a Primary School Learner from 2010. Gosh! That's pretty scary - it just means I'm getting old and that my baby is on her way through the education system.

She is so excited about starting "Big School" next year and I'd hate to burst her bubble by telling her she has 12 long years of school, homework, projects, school athletics ahead of her. Perhaps then she wouldn't be quite so excited.

So, for now we will take it one semester at a time and start saving up for school uniforms and stationery.

Its all quiet bitter-sweet.


Cute Hello Kitty print and color pages are what this site is all about - grab your crayons - here are two more for you - there's Hello Kitty taking photographs with her camera and holding a flower.
Hello Kitty Peel and Stick Wall Applique
Wall stickers of Hello Kitty!
Click on the image to read all about them!

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