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This week's Fucker Features:

This week has been pretty fucking awesome actually so its been difficult for me to find some Fuck Yous (I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in a couple). 

Anyhoo, the reason why its been so brilliant is that I left my mobile phone at a local pharmacy and by the time I realised it was gone, I just knew someone had swiped it.  It doesn't happen often that if you leave your phone somewhere, that you get it back (well not in South Africa anyway).

However, the following day I got wind that the guy from the pharmacy had been phoning people on my contact list trying to get hold of me.  He had kept my phone and wanted to return it to me.  Yip, my brand spanking new phone was safe!  I went to collect it and I couldn't have show the dude more gratitude...

  • Fuck you to the wee baw-bag bacteria that invaded my larynx  causing me to sound like a complete eejit for most of the fuckin week.  Yeah, I lost my voice so I couldn't even yell at my kids!  It was frustrating and exhausting.  Each word I uttered took so much energy and I still sounded like a loony tweenie shitter who voice is in the process of breaking.

  • Fuck you to the nimbus clouds that floated in and mocked us.  We're all dyin' for the rain.  The wind blew a gale and we heard a rumble or two but absa lootly FUCK ALL.  We need the rain demmit, its been a long dry winter.  Just fucking rain already!

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Awah and fuck yerselz and have a brilliant weekend!
Will be over soon to read all  yer FFF55s 



mr. newton + my own eztextiles collage

some of you may remember that when i first told you guys about EZ TEXTILES...
my friend helped to launch the site, which is a dream for fashion fiends + designers!

it is the world's largest online library of production-ready, royalty-free digital textile designs, which makes the once time consuming + costly process of buying + converting textiles designs, now a quick + easy process. subscribers to the new website can freely search, visualize + build personalized design collections for apparel, home furnishing + virtually any other creative project.

i finally got a chance to play around on the site + got lost for hours creating different designs!
i decided to take the über inspiring streetstyle shot above + attempt to recreate it using the EZtextiles system-- being on there is seriously amazing + addictive.

make sure to try out the SITE with the free trial subscription! oh and check out their BLOG too!
if you make any cool recreations or designs of your own- share them in the comments!



les petites f/w 2010

Pink Pony

i was extremely touched when RALPH LAUREN asked me to be a part of
the 10 year anniversary celebration of their PINK PONY campaign.
PINK PONY was started to help raise awareness of cancer + to raise funds for research.
as some of you may know, my father was recently diagnosed with cancer so this
endeavor + my choice to be a part of this campaign is a personal one.

100 bloggers were asked to help raise awareness by photographing
themselves wearing the classic RL polo bearing the pink polo icon.
my photo is above, but make sure to check out all the fab bloggers involved HERE.

I hope you will join us in this fight against cancer and support PINK PONY!
There are many ways to get involved:

- shop the PINK PONY collection- 10% of proceeds support the fund.

- a charity buzz auction will run on CHARITYBUZZ from October 1st to October 21st.
100% of proceeds from the aucution will benefit the Pink Pony Fund

- text PINKPONY to 501501 to automatically donate $10.

- spread the word!

thanks guys! this really means a lot!


Blog Action Day 2010 -

Enjoy safe drinking water with Cobra filtration system
Although South Africa’s tap water is declared “safe” to drink, harmful sediments can slip through and may cause health problems over time.
Cobra Watertech – South Africa’s leader in plumbing technology – has developed the revolutionary Aqua-Salus domestic filtration system that removes chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities. 
The Aqua Salus range forms part of Cobra’s Water Saving Collection, designed to offer economical water usage in light of its going-green commitment.
“The system offers a complete solution which is applicable to domestic households, as the technology encompasses the water supply from ingress to drainage,” says Prisca Mashanda Cobra’s Marketing Manager. 
Cobra is committed to implementing strategic water and energy-saving initiatives to reduce the ecological impact of its operations. A high-level team of experts continually monitor and develop cleaner, more efficient manufacturing methods. They research and develop state-of-the-art water systems, products and accessories designed to offer economical water usage and maximum energy-saving benefits. 
The Aqua Salus filtration system includes a point of use drinking water three-stage filter WM-POU-FILTER, tap WM-215-15, WM-970 mixer and a point of entry course filter WM-POE-FILTER. It is an ultra-efficient system which can be DIY-installed, requires occasional backwashing as well as filter servicing at six-monthly intervals.
Have you signed up for Blog Action Day 2010 yet?  Its happening on the 15th of October 2010.

Go and do it already!  

This year's theme is Water.  

Now, you don't need to be a water expert to participate, you just have to be interested in joining thousands of other bloggers from more than 100 countries in collectively raising awareness of one of the most important issues facing our world.




Mickey Mouse being a cowboy and dancing with Minnie Mouse - two coloring pages for you to print!
Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse T-Shirt (Size 3T)
Cute, cheap and in stock!
(No silly, not the baby! The t-shirt!)

Picking up the Toys - Kids Coloring Pages

Kids Coloring Pages
Picking up the Toys - Kids Coloring Pages

Maky Soler (Galeria 1)

Revista H para Hombres

Otras fotos:


style crush: gemma arterton


can't get enough of her lately! such simple yet perfect looks.
and don't get me started on her boots in the second pic!

Bunny Halloween Coloring Pages

Kids Coloring Pages, Coloring Pictures
Bunny Halloween Coloring Pages

Rainy Day Gear - Kids Coloring Pages

Kids Coloring Pages
Rainy Day Gear - Kids Coloring Pages

Santa's Shoebox Project

Santa Shoebox Project is an inspiring community initiative, that collects uniquely personalised Christmas gifts for socially disadvantaged youth.  Equally, the project is about parents teaching their own children the joy of giving.

A gift to be shared with a child from a distinctly vulnerable social background, who may never before have received a Christmas gift. The project is unique in that the donor knows the name, age, gender and residence of the child the gift is intended for.

The project started in Cape Town in 2006 spearheaded by the founder of Kidz2Kidz, Dee Boehner.  In 2007 Irene’ Pieters was appointed  national co-ordinator and in 2008 the Santa Shoebox Project joined forces with a similar organization from Somerset West.

Since then, the project has grown in leaps and bounds and the numbers have grown from 180 Santa Shoeboxes  in 2006,  to 2000 boxes in 2007, 8000 in 2008 to 16000 in 2009, exceeding the target by 30% - 50% year on year. In 2009 the Santa Shoebox Project reached into all corners of South Africa and in 2010 also into Namibia and Botswana. Each country supporting their own children.

The management is run entirely by volunteers. Kind hearted people who give their time, effort and expertise without being remunerated for it. Satellite projects have sprung up not only in the big cities but include many small country towns as well. All run by volunteers taking the responsibility of acting as co-ordinators for their areas.

How can you help?

The prosperity and success of this project is dependent solely on its volunteers. You can choose between being a volunteer or  a co-ordinator of a satellite project in your area. 

If you would like to volunteer some of your time and expertise please mosey on over to their website and fill your details in.

Help them reach their target of collecting 26 000 boxes this year.  I know I will.


Keeps Me From Killing

Keeps Me From Killing Award was given to me by Nanny @ Naughty Mommy Reviews a while ago.

This award is given to blogs that keep your attention for more than a couple of visits and for more than five minutes and keep you coming back for more, while keeping insane arses like myself glued to the computer otherwise preventing mass disorder and chaos!

By excepting this award I except the responsibility of spreading the killing spree.  Let it begin....



christine's giuseppe zanotti wedges are my dream!
there are so many GZ shoes i am lusting after right now it's ridiculous.

Michael Kors S/S 2011

attending the Michael Kors show was a definite highlight of nyfw.
i went with Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere + had a great time-- she is a doll btw!
it was fun to people watch in a crowd full of fashion's elite while waiting for the show to start.
the collection was classic + the soundtrack was great- we were dancing in our seats :)
i adored the pops of jewel tones (especially in the textured skirts) + loved the belts.
my favorite look from the collection was the gray sweater combined with the beaded pants ♥
the highlight tho was seeing karlie kloss do her signature walk with that smirk on her face.
had some camera issues, but i managed to get some iphone shots which i mixed in...
if you haven't already make sure to check out the whole collection HERE.


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