Lamborghini Tiesto Element Concept

Sesto Lamborghini Concept Element

Lamborghini is to redefine the future of the super sports car with a single demonstrator. With a design through technology extremely lightweight carbon fiber advanced Sesto Elemento Lamborghini Concept has a total empty weight of 999 kg only (£ 2,202) - with a V10 engine, permanent four-wheel drive. This makes the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento a unique demonstration of the technological expertise of Automobili Lamborghini. The innovative technology of carbon fiber is used here for the first time in an automotive application. As a 100 percent subsidiary of Audi AG, the Italian manufacturer also has the unquestioned expertise, the German automaker when it comes to lightweight construction.

The incredible power of 570 hp, a stunning power to weight is only 1.75 kg per hp and 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) acceleration in just 2.5 seconds, Lamborghini guarantees pleasure of Sixth Element Driving unrivaled. At the same time, fuel consumption drops again due to an extremely light technology in use around the world.

The name of this technological demonstrator is derived from the periodic table, where carbon is ranked as the sixth element. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and demonstrates the world-class expertise Lamborghini carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) technology. The super sports car brand of Sant'Agata Bolognese, the vehicle manufacturer in the world who have mastered the entire process CFRP across a range of technologies, 3D design through simulation, validation, production and testing - all in a state-of-the-art industrial process, which represents the highest quality.

Interior - compared with the bone

The minimalist approach was also applied to the inside, starting with the seats. Lamborghini has provided fully with the conventional seat frame. In fact, the entire internal structure defined and obtained directly from composite tub wrought on the one hand, plays a functional role, and secondly, is the basis for optimum seat cushions fit, padded with hi- technology fabric that is attached directly to carbon fiber monocoque. Ergonomics comes from the correct steering wheel that adjusts for height and reach, and pedals that can be electrically adjusted in the longitudinal direction. Of course, also designers of the Lamborghini Centro Stile within dispensable in a classical sense. The dominant feature throughout the visual material CFRP functional - on the floor and the roof-piece, on the doors and also in the cockpit and center console. Even the electronic control unit of the motor is mounted in plain view - a very special kind of hi-tech aesthetic. The triangular cut is also evident as a design feature - where the material can be removed for reasons of weight loss.

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