2011 Renault Laguna Review

New Renault Laguna is more confident front style - including flagship "eye" with black masks as standard, plus additional chrome trim for the new pearlescent black grille - give the model a more dynamic position clear. This also comes across as nervous and playful, and points to the promise of driving pleasure even greater.

A new front-end design

The front is more aggressive and seems to set the pace immediately. Have fun with the promise of new Renault Laguna performance credentials, the new design of the front is so expressive and dynamic. Includes a new grille and a black pearl wider use of chrome finish.

The waist of the saloon extends around the boot just above the smoke of the LED taillights.

Partly located in a relatively high position on the trunk lid, the latter contributing to the dynamics of the general direction of cars and provide a distinctive sign of the back lighting.

The dual exhaust is seen in versions powered by the engine high-end conflict with the presence of a drivetrain thoroughbred under the hood, while the dual antenna has been integrated into the rear window to play a role in the flow of traffic lines.

New Renault Laguna Grand Tour is distinguished by its sloping rear window and the shape of your rear side windows that accentuate the flowing lines and sporty, a feeling reinforced by the bar-shaped roof of car.

NEW interior

New Renault Laguna benefit the inhabitants of the new upholstery mixedmaterial sports.

The materials were selected cabin, attentive to detail that has been reserved (with stitching hat dashboard, chrome air vent surrounds), and the colors were selected interior probably just add the impression of quality.

The entire width of the slush molded dashboard seems to be completely separate from the console, which contributes to the new Renault Laguna range of high-end appeal.

Radio and navigation displays are seamlessly integrated, while the controls and displays are designed and positioned to be pleasant and rewarding as possible.


The new Renault Laguna has been designed to offer a real driving pleasure. Sit reference capitalize on the momentum from a frame impressive effective is powered by a wide range of special status, power plants, fuel efficient.

Versions of the new Renault Laguna equipped 4Control chassis with four-wheel steering provides exceptional road capacity for joy, greater security and efficiency. Now associated with dCi 130, dCi 150 and dCi 175 (with automatic transmission) core of the engine series, this exclusive Renault innovation is now available to motorists even more fun.

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