2012 Opel Combo

A new generation of the Opel Combo and offers intelligent solutions for the compact van segment. It has a wide range of versions, is a technically advanced, exceptionally convenient and offers the best utility possible.

Commercial version now offers a choice of two steps - 2755 mm or 3105 mm - to give the vehicle the overall length of 4.39 meters and 4.74, respectively, and two roof heights, 1.85 m or 2.10 m The new Opel Combo is also available in a versatile car-van, with five or seven seats and body panels or glass.

You can easily get the boot, van variants can be ordered with one or two optional sliding doors. Car passenger version of the standard sliding doors and tailgate is hinged from the top. Asymmetrical double doors is also available. In certain configurations, van, more behind the skylight can be installed to bring a ladder, for example.

Dimensions with Best-in-class

Talents special bearings in the new Opel Astra is immediately apparent: up to 3800 liters of luggage space in the form of short wheelbase (with the seat folded) and 4600 liters with the longer wheelbase gives the highest capacity Combo charge in both classes. The low loading height of 54.4 inches and the range of possible payloads up to a tonne, is the best value in its class, while the sliding door opening width is a higher value in the segment. The short wheelbase version also has a load floor with the length, height and width between wheel arches.

And powerful engines of the economy

The new Opel Astra is available with six engines: four petrol, gasoline and a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) unit. The diesel line-up consists of the 1.3 CDTI and 1.6 CDTI engines, each with 66 kW/90 hp and a 1.6 CDTI with 77 kW/105 hp version and a peak performance of the 2.0 CDTI units with 99 kW/135 hp .

1.4-liter gasoline engine produces 70 kW/95 hp, while the natural gas version, which is inexpensive and environmentally friendly natural gas produces 88 kW/120 hp.

Gasoline engines and 1.3 CDTi are equipped with manual transmission five-speed, while the CNG engine and more powerful CDTI units have a manual gearbox with six speeds. The 1.6 CDTI with 66 kW/90 Opel is also available with "Easytronic" automated manual transmission in five reports.

Except as GNC and Easytronic units, all engines are available with the option to start / stop functionality to provide fuel consumption and emissions even lower.

The new Opel Combo is not only easy on the budget with low power consumption, but also offers low operating costs, particularly due to long maintenance intervals. The CDTI diesel, for example, should be cleaned every 35,000 miles or once a year.

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