Proton Savvy 2008

Connoisseurs of protons is the first city in Proton cars sold in the UK. That encapsulates the purchase "Savvy" with competitive pricing, distinctive styling and a range of equipment that is sure to put a smile on the face of all buyers.

About Savvy buyers?

Proton Savvy Buyer requires more than your vehicle. Style, functionality, reliability and value for money is important, but when things go wrong is the pride that matter - would be proud to drive the car and feel good about what she says about this person.

With a distinct style to the interior and exterior, spacious interiors and airy, full warranty, excellent features and a starting price of just £ 5,995 on the road, the Proton Savvy car that anyone would boasts. Combine this with excellent customer service and retail friendly, and it is certainly a winning package.

Connoisseurs of protons is a car that transcends all boundaries of age - a sporty handling, top and race, low insurance group and low price will appeal to young buyers looking for a great value, great car looking a little different from the norm, an economic engine and a lot of features will ensure that more buyers are not crazy. The smart is the key to the strategy of protons in customer acquisition, but its features and benefits mean that is sure to be a popular choice for current owners of the market for a new car.

Engines and transmissions

The Proton Savvy is equipped with a gasoline engine of 1.2 liters, which can easily give a top speed of 98.7 mph. With the automated manual transmission models available at a higher level Savvy style, but without loss of power or change in fuel consumption, all models Savvy offers a consistently high level of performance.

Ride and handling to give drivers the confidence of the track, but sensitive to ride and good acceleration, enables drivers to deal with stop / start city driving.

Models both manual and automated manual transmission has a fuel consumption and low emissions. One advantage of the automated manual transmission is that it gives the driver the same level of CO2 emissions manual models, so that drivers do not have to compromise on the fiscal costs of the road.

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