2011 Renault Captur Concept Review

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009, Renault unveiled its new brand identity, which puts people at the forefront of their concerns. The new design strategy and ambitious outcome of this struggle is based on the different stages of human life at every stage takes the form of a special concept car. The first, the two-seater coupe dezir expressed "love", the passion present at the start of any new venture. Renault Concept CAPTUR now turns to the second phase of the cycle, one of two people to explore the world around them.

Like its predecessor, defines Renault capture the style simple, sensual and warm, which will be gradually extended to the future design Renault car. "Capture is a fun and sporty crossover, ideal for a young couple about to discover the world," says design director, Laurens van den Acker. "It takes as its starting point the language of design based on concept introduced DeZir, but adds a more technical - more functional, but still very sensual, "says Axel Breunig, director of concept cars.


In its proportions and fluid curves, causing a movement of Renault Concept capture and lightness, but at the same time shows signals strong and muscular field. As with DeZir, angles, corners and lines have given way to the sensual and natural forms. For the designer was out Julio Lozano, the main sources of inspiration and action sports athletes. "In the capture of design, I started with the image of a sprinter in the starting blocks, his muscles tense, and the energy released when the tee shot is fired," he explains. The design also references equipment such as helmets, gloves and other protective equipment used in radically sport that combines high technology with elegance and ease.

A filter is a very innovative performance and light fuel

Renault uses the concept of capturing the energy of the dCi 160 engine twin turbo concept, developed by the New Energy dCi 130th Downsizing is a key part of Renault's strategy to meet its stated goal of being a leading car manufacturer Europe in terms of CO2 emissions. The range of electric vehicles will run in parallel with an internal combustion engine models that combine performance with reduced fuel consumption. Energy dCi 160 bi-turbo fits perfectly into this strategy. It produces 118kW (160hp) from a capacity of 1.6 liters - a specific power of 100 hp per liter. Maximum torque (380nm) is available from as low as 1750 rpm, providing a powerful acceleration at low revs, and the refined performance in all driving conditions. Mated to a dual clutch transmission, this powertrain EDC and promises really comfortable to ride with CO2 emissions of 99 grams per liter.

Capture the performance of Renault is reinforced by the ® RX2, a new system that improves traction at low speed. If one of the two drive wheels lose grip, this brand new mechanical locking differential transfers all or part of the engine torque to the wheel with more grip. Driving on slippery roads and the paving is smooth and effortless.

Renault also capture the concept's debut Vision System, an innovation that uses a forward-facing camera mounted on top of the windshield to give the driver assistance functions. This new technology is able to incorporate the synthetic images in real-time images of the road showing a display station, this is the principle of augmented reality, in order to improve the driver's view of the outside world into overlapping elements specifically designed. The system helps reduce the stress of driving, and a relaxed and relaxing ride.

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