2012 Ford Ranger Review

The all-new Ford Ranger - the latest in a wave of global vehicles - made its debut in the world at the International Motor Show of Australia 2010. The new Ranger has a strong and promises to give truck owners might do more capacity and experience in truck turned the property.

The impressive achievements in energy and security of the outstanding towing capacity, the next generation of Ford Ranger appears to be a leader in the segment clear. Not only is based on the enormous wealth ranger truck capacity, but also offers owners of trucks driving spacious, comfortable, DVD and Blu-interior and sophisticated, they expect to be alone in a car.

Among the techniques the highest in its segment, the Ford Ranger is a very impressive result of the new Global Compact, the beginning of the Ford pickup - the last to go as part of the Ford One of the initiatives - and Mazda. It replaces the two previous generations of platforms for the production of compact cars to introduce new faces Built Ford Tough customers around the world.

Built on innovation, it has a list of technologies and capabilities to lead the segment - including a new rear view camera, Rear Park Assist, trailer sway control and adaptive control of the load. Ford plans to be even more new Ranger technologies in the coming months.

Intended to be sold in five continents and more than 180 markets, the Ford Ranger is offered as a perfect compact family car - three different types of body cab, 4x2 and 4x4 drive systems, and two ride heights up to five sets of choices, depending on the market.

21st Century "robust design inside and out

The new Ford Ranger will create a bold and determined the presence of which has a fresh design and modern exterior gives off a famous Built Ford Tough. Designers seem to call the 21st Century Tough. "

Taut and muscular tone and a bold attitude, confident instantly signal strength and the ability of an ultra-modern station wagon. However, it also communicates a transformation, a more sophisticated and refined using a new generation of truck owners.

"In many parts of the world, the role of the Ford Ranger has changed," says Craig Metros, chief designer. "It should always be a work vehicle with an interior sound and the ability to carry a heavy payload, but it also serves a dual role with refinement, comfort and user-friendly features high on the list for many buyers."

Meters, said extensive research with customers worldwide trucks have revealed striking similarities in taste and design expectations.

Although the needs and expectations may differ from the 180 markets where it is sold, the new Ranger truck robust design resonates around the world.

"Good design is long lasting and, above all, the markets," said Underground. "A nice uncut found with this group. This is a solid truck gets the job done, first of all."

According to Metro, Ford Ranger seems very difficult, but not carved in the style of most major North American F-Series Ford trucks. The contemporary design is as comfortable on the streets outside the trendy restaurants in Cologne or Melbourne, it is in the Outback or a development site of the luxury property.

Reflecting the different uses pick-ups around the world, a brand new Ford Ranger product range offers everything from basic work trucks, hose-out interior design and high-series models, such as the Ranger Ford Ranger Limited and Wildtrak, and yet to unfold.

The best of Ford design language has also been applied on the inside. The energy levels of indebtedness of DEWALT ® tools and an ergonomic design, and instruments are enclosed in a protective shell as a G-Shock ® 2, the designers were inspired to combine form and function, while ensuring the instruments are clearly visible for the driver.


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