Insomnia Sucks!

When I awoke this mornin'
When all sweet things were born
A Robin sat upon the sill
Sang sweetly to the morn

The bird who sang so sweetly
His breast fire-truck red
I gently closed the window
And squashed his fuckin' head!

Insomnia sucks!  Another night of tossing and turning and wishing to fall asleep.  Lying wide-eyed, body exhausted.  I finally got to sleep at 3am this morning and when the twittering of the birds awoke me - I could've killed every single bloody one of them.

Remember its Blog Action Day 2010 this Friday! 
Go Register Insomniacs!
(even The White House and theUK Foreign Office will both be joining us in blogging about water on BlogAction Day this year)

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