Flash Fiction Friday 55 and Fawk You Friday

Join me and The  G-Man and hundreds of other bloggers playing Flash Fiction Friday 55.  Write a complete story in only 55 words.  Its easier said that done. Enjoy!

Man, its so awesome to be back.

Masked and disguised
Buried behind a dense dark cloak
Veiled and concealed
An enigma to world
Secretly Smirking behind the costume
Relishing the anonymity and secrecy
Taking delight in the mystery
My Halloween ensemble is complete
However, all is in vain
Completely pointless and futile
ADaftScotsLass is
“All dressed up and no-where to go”

Yay!  Its Fawk You Friday at Boobies.

It gives you a chance to vent your frustrations for the week, which I do a lot and LOVE it:

  • Fuck You to our internal It department who are restricting our internet access to almost nothing.  When am I going to get to blog, demit?  Don't make me FUCK SHIT UP, people!  I'll crack your teeth your conceited Wanker.
  • Fuck You to deplorable bank balance that is depressing, pitiful and pathetic.  I want to win the fucking lottery!  I guess I’ll need to play then, right?  I’m in abject financial misery at the moment.
  • Fuck You to the local retailers that grossly overcharge me for basic food stuffs.  Geezo, even a rudimentary block of gouda these days is a fucking rip off!  35 bucks!  You gotta be shitting me?!
  • Fuck you to the torrent monsoon that happened just as I was leaving for work yesterday morning.  Not only did my mascara run and my hair fell flatter than a pancake, but the bottom 6 inches of my pants got mud-splattered and saturated.   Hell, I know I should NOT be complaining about the rain – and I’m not – because we really need it.  I’m complaining about the occurrences that happen due to the rain?  I am rambling again…  I just detest looking like fucking shit at work.

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