To Blog or Not To Blog

Don't worry I'm certainly not giving up on my wee blog that easily!  Hell NO!!!

Blogging is just going to bemore difficult now that our IT administrator has implemented a new server and newsoftware and put certain restrictions in place. I will have to start blogging from home as they are closely monitoringour internet usage and every site that we visit is being logged.  I guess its all for a reason (for the peoplewho abuse it) so visiting social networking sites and certainly no porn. *huff*

Please bear with me this weekso that I can schedule posts from home and get into the swing of things doingit another way.  Still not sure how I'm going to do it all.

Unfortunately I won’t beable to read as many blogs as regularly as I normally do (over 200), because of this.   

Sad but true – but don’t think I don’t heart yourfaces any less though…


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