How Ya Goin?

The beautiful and lovely Green Eyed Momster bestowed this cool award upon me and I love it!  Thanx Hunni! 

Here are the options! (Be adventurous, it's not about embarrassment, just fun!)

1. Set up your camera on self timer (3 or 5 secs will be fine), hit the button and RUN in front of the camera view and try and get as far as you can before the shot is taken! Post it!! I'm sure your behind isn't as bad as you think!

2. In a conversation with someone work in the word "Woof" randomly, see how many times you can say it (With a straight face helps)... Post your score, and share their reaction!! example "Hey, woof you pass me the salt please?"... "I'll pick woof up in ten minutes, see you then!"

3. Before you go to hand something to someone, raise it to your nose for a second (As though you're sniffing it), and then hand it over casually as though nothing happened. The more mundane the object, the better the reaction you'll get! Such as a cd, money, phone..... Record the facial expression you receive in detail!! It's hilarious, trust me!

4. List 5 jokes that actually made you laugh out loud! REAL LOL's!!

5. Find a location, anywhere, room, backyard, bathroom, holding your camera spin around in a circle, press the shutter randomly, tell us all about what's in the picture (whatever it is!!!)! Doesn't matter if it's blurry, you'll clear things up! ;-)

I'm going with option two and five seeing as I love my Canon so much and I believe a picture tells a thousand words.  Option 4 seemed pretty kewl as well...(promise I'll keep 'em short)

Here is option two.  I set up my timer for 2 seconds and this is the shot I got. I'm still surprised I could move that quick!

Option 5.  When I did this Megan (who is at home sick with me today) asked me what on earth I was doing.  I spun around in the lounge a few times to get some different views with the camera.  She was lying on the couch under a blanket watching Nickelodeon and giggling at me like crazy. This is the interested shot I got - and I was able to entertain my daughter while doing it.

Option 4

I love short jokes because I have a bad memory.  If I can get a goodie that makes me really laugh out loud I store in my one liners (much easier to remember than an entire story with punch line).  One punch line.  My kinda joke!

Why did the squirrel cross the road?  Coz he couldnt' get his knob out the chicken.

Knock Knock?  Who's there?  I wannup.   
(you gotta say this one out loud)  so?  are you laughing yet or did I only get an eye roll or groan?

Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without a hard-on, make him a sandwich.

I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

I pass this award on some new bloggers I recently started following:

Go get silly!

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