Freaky Friday - Episode 6 Optical Illusions

This week's Theme : Illusions

Our eyes often deceive us. Check out these freaky illusions


Keep staring at the above picture for about 20 seconds and then look at a white surface (a wall or a big piece of paper). One of the very classic illusions. The best thing is ; the afterimage seems to be a sharper picture than the original.


Do you find something unusual in this picture? Can you see any human face in this optical illusion? If not just move away from the screen and try focusing on the center portion.

3. Try to count the number of black dots on the image below...

4.  Put your 3d specs on for these ones:

5. A Stereogram Picture - Can you see what this says?  (hint : cross your eyes a little to see the words)

Can you tell me what's hidden in this one?

6.  This just hurts like a fucking bad acid trip.

7.  Kevin James on America's Got Talent - this dude is very entertaining...


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