2012 Jaguar XFR Review

"XF is known as the ultimate Jaguar sedan. It is a fire, but elegant, of course the sport for its design. The latest version we have been able to evolve and improve the performance of the sign to make the car visually XF dynamics in its class. " Ian Callum, Design Director of Jaguar Cars

Jaguar XF Powertrain dynamics

Key among the improvements of the Jaguar XF is to introduce a 2.2-liter AJ-i4D turbodiesel. Device, the pistons, low friction, water-cooled turbocharger to increase efficiency as well as active engine mounts and prevents changes to the tank and reduce the levels of NVH. The result is not only more motor fuel Jaguar ever, but it offers a level comparable to the improvement of previously installed 2.7-liter V6 diesel and the performance expectations of all Jaguar sports sedan. In addition, fine-tuning is guaranteed on all models by using additional hearing protection and the use of computational fluid dynamics to adjust the outside air.

Power is an impressive torque figure of 450nm 190PS is expected that the muscle performance Jaguar. Reaching 60 mph is 8.0 seconds, the lights of cars to reach a maximum speed of 140 mph. However, the device still manages 52.3mpg on the EU combined cycle - that economic Jaguar ever - and leaves only 149g/km CO2 and Euro V compliant.

New 8-speed automatic

The engine is perfectly complement the new eight-speed ZF automatic. Specifically adapted to our engineers in its first application to the Jaguar, the transmission offers numerous advantages, both better acceleration and economy. Shifting filled with only 200 milligrams per second - four times faster than the average human heart at rest - even if the driver is to improve the ability to control to the climbing gear paddleshift using technology. The use of lightweight materials for the total weight remains the same as in the previous six-speed gearbox, while improving the design of the pump and change the controls to increase efficiency. Standard on all models Jaguar XF Diesel, reduces CO2 emissions 3.0-liter V6 is 169g/km and increase fuel consumption 44.8mpg.

Smart Stop / Start

also making their debut with the 2.2 liter diesel engine for Jaguar new intelligent system shutdown mode, the first time this technology has been seen at a premium diesel sedan. This automatically cuts the engine in just 300 milliseconds when the vehicle stops, improving fuel economy and CO2 emissions from five to seven percent.

No driver intervention required, and the engine management software to analyze the many complex factors to decide when the engine can be safely stopped. Tandem solenoid is a first course my battery back-up the engine starts immediately as soon as the driver's foot leaves the brake pedal, make sure it is optimally time the accelerator is pressed. In order to facilitate this process, the transmission characteristics of the hydraulic garage Impulse, which provides oil pressure to move to link the elements.

For the first time all the diesel variants are available with Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics, which allows enthusiastic drivers to control the car's chassis movement and detect the sporty spirit of the Jaguar XF.

Jaguar XF Interior

That experience of driver's seat or the passenger cabin of the Jaguar XF is a unique and elegant home to spend time using high quality materials in a contemporary truth.

Following a spectacular feature "surprise and delight" features that the Jaguar unit of selection, leaving the center console and air vents that rotate to the open position when you press the start button, the Jaguar XF interior also received an update complete.

New seats and instruments

revised front and rear seats include 'ring' the role of both files and folders not only improves appearance but also its support to raise the profile of the seat. New hide color combinations, veneers and headlining options to increase the customization options available to buyers. All models have a revised system of color in the center console, fascia and steering wheel at the finish of the "Tungsten" is replaced by a modern track "Aurora."

The Jaguar XF is a huge amount of technology, but in true Jaguar, which integrates perfectly into the role of the car and controlled by a central screen key and seven inches with a new polarizing filter for better contrast.

To reduce pilot workload, additional switches were included in the touch screen to instantly switch between different functions at the same time new graphics based on Jaguar's flagship XJ. The pilot's main instrument cluster is now a color TFT unit with a higher resolution and clarity.

Advanced Technology

Three new audio systems offered on the Jaguar XF, which all represent a significant improvement in the provision above. The head of this place is a 1200W, premium 17-speaker set up by Colombia's Bowers & Wilkins experts offering concert like sound reproduction.

All audio systems can be specified with a satellite navigation system based on the disk that includes a multichanger "virtual" CD allows the owner to rip 10 CDs in both the memory of the car and play them as if they had a physical medium of music. The system now offers a variety of options for connecting MP3 players, two USB ports, one of which is specifically the iPod and Bluetooth, which enables music to stream from a smartphone.

Most of the functions of the machine can be controlled depending on the driver's seat Jaguar Interactive Voice, which provides an intuitive interface for security, hands-free operation.

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