2011 Volvo Universe Concept Review

Volvo Concept Universe 2011-Shanghai Motor Show a prototype sedan Volvo supermodel news. Recognition of the Chinese automotive market is not only in its infancy in Shanghai as well as Universe design concept, which is a completely new interface, which should create a discussion. The sloping roofline and rear guard concept coupe-sedan trend.

The concept of the universe is based on an entirely new structure SPA - Scalable Arhictecture. As its name implies, is used in medium-size models in other models, and the production version of the universe (in the hope that he changed his name ...), the first to use the new SPA.

Despite the fact that small details, not the transmission of data is transferred, so that we can be sure of what the creation of this exercise. Volvo Concept Universe uses a minimalist design Volvo late, the other high-tech features such as rear seat passengers iPad integration. It appears Volvo is also intended to develop a competition for new interior colors and materials used for the luxury label. Although the appearance of developments and changes, the interior is really where luxury cars are these days.

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A 2011-Shanghai Auto Show, Volvo Car Corporation shows is a masterpiece of Scandinavian design for car buyers with exquisite taste.

Volvo Universe Concept is a large luxury sedan with a design language centered on the new man who honors the beautiful lines of classic Volvo models.

"Volvo Universe Concept offers the world a taste of what people can expect from our next top-the-line sedan," said Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo Car Corporation, a long-term strategy has been successful, truly global company, whose products have been designed around the needs of our customers' and lifestyle.

Scandinavian Design is about understanding and care of people. Volvo Car Corporation wants to be a sign that the best interpretation of what a modern luxury car buyers want.

Volvo Concept Universe is intended to arouse the unconscious desire and a sense of timeless beauty.

He goes ahead with its roof of a coupe and contemporary full-back but he is also the proud heritage of Volvo true by borrowing design elements of classic models from the past.

"Just like a refined luxury goods, this model seems at hand and strong enough to withstand the test of time," says Peter Horbury Design Director of Volvo Car Corporation. "We compete with the best in a particular type of Scandinavian design. E 'unrivaled performance and technology, but without superficiality or complications."

User concentrated and pure

Decor Universe Concept Volvo has a nice, grown in an environment so that the user focused and refreshingly uncomplicated. It needs the driver in front and behind the casual comfort.

In the environment of the pilot in command, intuitive controls and a touch screen, approaching the hand when the driver when he goes against - with all controlled from a seat that is inspired by the sun ultra-comfortable.

Passengers in the back seat is embraced by pure comfort. The inner form in the back seat and become part of the center environment.

The sensor dynamics and dark colors of the front seats chaining backwards until it is transformed into an oasis of calm taillight. Volvo Concept Universe is full of classic shapes, materials and textures that are used with a button to create a special experience of modern luxury.

"Volvo Universe Concept is particularly sophisticated, but simple all the resources that make it easy Volvo Masters. It is increasingly appreciated that the combinations of design and technology of modern luxury car buyers. These developments pave the way for success. We convinced that a particular brand of luxury, has a bright future, "says Peter Horbury.

"Our goal is to be the brand that best understands what buyers of luxury cars today. We look forward to hearing what customers most demanding Chinese think about this concept of luxury. Later, we show the design in Europe and the U.S. To put it in the global context, as we aim for all our cars, "said Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation.


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