La-Dee-Fuckin-Da its Oscar time again!

Oscar Nominations for 2011 Academy Awards are in and surprise, surprise one film dominates as usual to make it the most boring Awards Ceremony eva!

So be sure to tune in to the most predictable show on earth on the 27th of February 2011

After winning practically every award in its path, The Social Network is a lock for a nomination, and will probably win Best Picture, as well. The only film standing in its way is 'The King's Speech,' which just made an impressive showing at the BAFTA nominations and is classic Oscar bait. 

Wouldn't it be nice to watch ONE Oscars Ceremony and NOT know what is going to happen?

Tara Reid flashs a bit of nip

We watch, anticipating one of our much-loved celebrities to trip over her Versace gown and Jimmy Choos (that she got for fucking free) and perhaps flash a glance of her knickers down the 500 foot red carpet or fumble and make a complete hash of her acceptance speech and make us giggle. 

We wait for the Famous Fuck Ups because that's the only entertaining thing about the over-rated annual Ceremony.

Just imagine sitting through a fucking 25 hour show with pimped-up, moist-eyed celebrities thanking their husbands, mothers and dogs for supporting them and displaying their acting technique by performing on stage to be all surprised when their name is called.  

It's so fucking fake!

Switch it up a bit, Oscar ol' man! Do something different!  I'll bet you a month's salary that its the same 6000 boring old members that vote every year?

No wonder it never fucking changes - break the boring tradition... us some more tits 'n ass!

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