Never Underestimate the Power of BullShit

Interesting Fact #1

A bull calf with high genetic potential may be reared for breeding purposes. It may be kept by a dairy farm as a herd bull, to provide natural breeding for the herd cows. A bull may service up to 50 or 60 cows during a breeding season. That's a lot of rumpy pumpy! 

Interesting Fact #2

Any more and the sperm count will decline, leading to cows "returning to service" (to be bred again).  More Fucking!  A herd bull may only stay for one season since over two years old their temperament becomes too unpredictable.  Only two years and you're out!

Bull calves intended for breeding commonly are bred on specialised dairy breeding farms, not production farms. These farms are the major source of stocks for artificial insemination.

So why is this Fucker selling them on Kalahari Ads for R160?? Does it really matter that they've "had enough colostrum"? Perhaps they've only got three legs...

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