My Week From Hell...and its only Wednesday

Hi fellow blogger and vistors.....It’s been a week from frikken hell!!

Firstly, Megan being so very ill and not being able to control her fever. We had her at the doctor three days in a row, each day with her deteriorating more and more. The doc diagnosed Strep Throat and eye infection but she wasn’t getting better and with a fever of 40 degrees I was getting worried.

Yesterday, I took her back to the doc and he sticks by his diagnosis but has put her on a different antibiotic (penicillin) three times a day instead of just twice. She seems to be recovering now very slowly and her fever is under control. Poor wee thing – she’s been five days of lying on the couch like a wet rag. Weak, lethargic and complaining of headache and tummy ache…hopefull with the new anti-biotic we are on the road to recover.

At work, our Billing System crashed and could not be recovered so we have cut over to a new system and we have had to recapture six months work of advertising orders. Its been a nightmare, getting used to a new system (no training) and under pressure to close 12 different publications. We have been working flat out since Monday to try and retrieve all the data. On top of that someone has just deleted an entire publication (as we all have administrator rights because the system was not ready to be implemented just yet). Two days worth of data loading flushed down the toilet!! Aaaarh!!!

I’m ready to take my bag and bugger off home.

That’s why I haven’t really had time to blog.

Will update very soon…*huge sigh*.  I need a holiday...

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