2011 Skoda Fabia Review

With the series Škoda Fabia, Škoda Auto has established a solid foundation for its portfolio of five vehicles. The urban family roots are evident everywhere. Clean lines and elegant exterior design in its smallest components, Skoda Fabia shows attention to detail through simple solutions, intelligent and innovation. And now, in the spring of 2010, the Skoda Fabia has been completely redesigned with a new face and more emphasis on energy efficiency and comfort. The degree of technical innovation goes far beyond a simple facelift.

The Škoda Fabia Combi and Roomster Skoda also receive bold new look inside and outside as well as numerous technical changes under the skin. However, although the appearance might have changed the characteristics of this multi-talented pair no. With a luggage capacity of 505 liters with the rear seats and 1,485 liters with the plans, the Skoda Fabia Combi continues to provide the type of boot space beyond what is normally offered in this class. Meanwhile, the Skoda Roomster, with its system Varioflex extremely versatile rear seats, continues to meet the demands of families and individuals as active. Your boot volume can be extended for a minimum of 480 liters to 1810 liters, which makes the Skoda Roomster a champion of the load.

The Škoda Fabia RS is also celebrating its premiere in 2010 Geneva Motor Show, and for the first time, it is sporty Škoda Fabia is available as a property. Its combination of high performance 132 kW (180 hp) and low fuel consumption of only 6.4 km, itres/100 mark as a class leader.

These variants of the Skoda Fabia Skoda Auto offers a range of range of models in the segment of small cars meet almost all customer needs.

The completely redesigned front end features strong horizontal forms that visually lowers the Skoda Fabia despite its size is unchanged. The Fabia looks much healthier now, but does so without compromising comfort. "With this new development has not escaped our attention," describes the development Eckhard Scholz Executive review. The reason for restructuring is in the range of new state of the art engines and turbo-charged often, which will debut in the Škoda Fabia, including a double load unit. Changes in general motor program has become necessary to redesign the front of the Skoda Fabia and therefore the possibility of postponing his face was taken. The bumper and its attachments, fog forms, the hood and the soil surface before - is not shared in recent Skoda Fabia.

The new front grille and a three-dimensional shape of the headlamps look to define a new Skoda Fabia, the horizontal lines highlight the wide front end. "The proportions look a lot more relaxed," said Skoda's chief designer, Jozef Kaban. Her new face is more confident and dynamic, but elegant and well done: now appeals emotionally.

Despite the revision, the current strengths of Skoda Fabia have not been forgotten. The surface of the viewer window, as it wraps around the cabin has always been a fundamental part of the Skoda Fabia, and the rest. The option for an additional ceiling paint has been preserved.

Thank you for your new headlights, which date back to the front fenders, the side profile seems to become longer, while the Skoda Fabia is a stylish rear lights with Skoda brand graphics to "C". All these features ensure that the Fabia further example of the mark.

New aluminum alloy wheels and models as well as new Rally colors green, aqua blue Pacific blue finish with the renovation of the little Skoda. The hatchback version of the Skoda Fabia is now also available with roof rails for the first time. The lightweight construction and attention to detail to maintain their weight of only two kilograms.

Inside, the cabin is reinforced by new materials and visual refinement. The air vent chrome inserts, shift knob and the button under the handbrake to transmit high quality of the Skoda Fabia. The new three and four branches are covered with leather and possibly audio systems multi-function control and telephone. Attractive, Breathable seat covers and update Climatronic controls give the new Škoda Fabia feel of a car with a much higher class.

display information the pilot has also been redesigned, now the center screen with a gearshift indicator which contributes significantly to superior fuel economy. In versions with speed DSG gearbox is selected, while the constant display of outdoor temperature at the center of the screen is an important safety feature. The function of the speed limit warnings of speed and show the speed limit in countries with higher speed limits on highways and vehicle speed restrictions due to winter tires.

The black and white arrow above chart navigation system based on the Skoda Fabia has been replaced by sophisticated Amundsen Skoda important. It has a touch screen, five inches, SD card reader and a connection point for external memory devices. An additional mobile device interface (MDI) for use with the iPod, auxiliary input, USB and Mini USB drives is also available and located in the lower glove. This replaces the previous CD changer.

GSM phone preparation is also new. The system is able to maintain two Bluetooth connections simultaneously in streaming audio. This means that you can phone for hands-free device while listening to music, add an external source. Both interfaces can be accessed through buttons on the steering wheel in leather optional multi-function. Voice Control is also a button to activate the multi-function leather steering wheel, or by phone housing GSM II Comfort System.

The new Skoda Fabia best range of motors is in the heart of any innovation. A total of seven petrol and three diesel engines are available. Power outputs ranging from 44 kW (60 hp) to 132 kW (180 hp) gasoline engines, while diesel units to provide between 55 kW (75 hp) and 77 kW (105 hp). All engines comply with the EU5 exhaust emission, it offers excellent fuel efficiency and, consequently, very low CO2 emissions. All cars with a manual transmission gear selector indicator to promote efficient driving. An arrow on the dash display indicates when inserting change gears to keep the engine speed range at its most effective.

As elsewhere in the Škoda family, is the engine range is determined by the arts cuts. Significantly reduces the ability completed precision fuel injection turbo-charging or double-charging and direct high for the optimal combination of performance and energy efficiency. Turbo-charging increases the levels of couples, particularly in gasoline engines, while the traction is available from very low revs with conventional, naturally aspirated engines. The unity of the supreme power in the range of Skoda Fabia is the gasoline engine with four cylinders in the Skoda Fabia RS. Despite its capacity in just the double payment by a 1.4 liter turbocharger with wastegate and a movable mechanical compressor ensures that the power is 132 kW (180 hp) while peak torque is an equally impressive 250 Nm from 2,000 rpm throughout 4500 rpm. Despite muscle performance, combined consumption of just 6.4 l/100km, while CO2 emissions are just 148 g / km.

But the performance was not the only development objective. environmentally sound, smooth running engine and therefore a new standard on the Skoda Fabia. When connected to the DSG seven-speed direct shift optimized - the new 1.2 TSI engine of 77 kW (105 hp) offers exceptionally low running costs. The fuel consumption of just 5.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km (53.3 km / l) and CO2 emissions of just 124 g / km is unusual for its performance. The ITS 1.2 is offered in two performances - 63 kW (86 hp) and 77 kW (105 hp). Both are combined with a manual five-speed smooth as standard.

As the engine improvements and reduction of friction and the adoption of lightweight construction also increase efficiency. For the 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine with a new lighter crankshaft was developed, which is 1.7 kg lighter than its predecessor. Also provides for production: the whole cast is a kilogram lighter than before and there is less waste production.

Diesel engines offer a range of services from 55 kW (75 hp) to 77 kW (105 hp), with capacities from 1.2 to 1.6 liters. All are equipped with diesel particulate filter and pressure injection through a broadband system by common-rail. With an injection pressure of 1,600 bar is reached, and fast response piezo injectors that allows up to five injections per cycle, the refinement of the engine has been improved significantly and there is a drastic reduction of fuel consumption and emissions exhaust. Additional cleaning of exhaust gases is achieved by an oxidation catalyst and the recirculation of exhaust gases in all versions of the standard diesel Skoda Fabia.

The development of the region was to reduce the noise level of two three-cylinder petrol 1.2 HTP. Instead of the normal chain of cam sleeve-type, a toothed chain was chosen by the three parties to the roll part of the flexibility of the chain and gears in silence. This creates a significant reduction in turnover, in particular the intersection has three cylinders, especially in the higher revs, which were previously considered objectionable. The noise levels at all engine speeds, the most common between 1600 and 3400 rpm is also clearly reduced.

The range of engines for the new Skoda Fabia:

HTP/44 1.2 kW (60 hp) - EU 5 (not for the Roomster)

1.2 12V HTP/51 kW (70 hp) - EU 5/EU2

16V/63 1.4 kW (86 hp) - EU 5

TSI/63 1.2 kW (86 hp) - the EU-5

TSI/77 1.2 kW (105 hp) - EU 5

16V/77 1.6 kW (105 hp) - EU 4/EU 2

16V/77 1.6 kW (105 hp) (A) - EU 4/EU 2

TSI/132 1.4 kW (180 hp) - EU 5 for RS

1.2 TDI CR DPF/55 kW (75 hp) - EU 5/EU 4

1.6 TDI CR DPF/66 kW (90 hp) - EU 5

1.6 TDI CR DPF/77 kW (105 hp) - EU 5

A series of safety systems to ensure the safety of all passengers Skoda Fabia and other road users. Four airbags protect passengers in a Skoda Fabia, while the other two alternatives. ABS brakes are also standard assistance for installation, and in many markets, ESP, which now includes a tire pressure control and hill assistant, has been installed.

The new projector system is designed to provide glare-free lighting and reflector off, or if the headlamp units are installed. with energy saving lamps is integrated into the new dual-chamber, about half the power consumption. This technique also allows better illumination of the road in the fog.

emergency braking - 7 m/s2 over 60 km / h - brake lights or hazard lights blinking frequency of 3 Hz to warn following traffic. If, after the emergency brake, the speed is less than 10 km / h and the deceleration is less than 2.5 m/s2, flashing the normal cycle (1.25 Hz) reports the following drivers.

To increase security, Skoda Fabia, the windows can be controlled via the remote key. This can be used to close windows when you leave the car or open the window of the distance to cool the interior when it is parked in direct sunlight.

However, security system Fabia is more flexible. A new generation of immobilizer protects New Skoda Fabia effectively theft.

Mechanically, the largest power brake makes the new Skoda Fabia react during braking, thanks to the larger cylinder. This allows for faster and especially more likely to lag behind.

With finely tuned ride, four-wheel independent suspension - MacPherson struts and triangulations and a torsion beam rear - and an excellent impact resistance of the body Skoda Fabia offers more comprehensive protection and comfort ever.

Attachments - Classical:

Driver and passenger airbags,

Front side airbags,

ABS incl. torque control motor + double speed

Four-spoke steering wheel (height and depth adjustable)



Bottle holders and storage spaces front and rear door trim

The display of outdoor temperature.

Equipment - Environment (more conventional):

Instrument panel with multifunction display (trip computer)

Split folding rear seats (an average of 60/40),

Central locking

Radio preparation with 4 speakers

air package I (3 handles retractable roof, rear coat racks, two reading lamps for front driver and passenger vanity mirror in sun visors driver and passenger side)

electric front window lifts,

exterior mirrors and door handles in body color,

Chrome package (gear knob, gear shift surround, matching supply of air, the lock button parking brake).

Features - Active (also Ambiente):

head airbags (for the 15 EU countries)

Seat belt anchor signal to the driver and passenger (EU 15 countries)

Fog lights and daylight deactivated,

Small leather package (3 spoke steering wheel, shifter, brake)

Projector halogen headlamps,

Glasses case

height adjustable driver seat

Tinted glass;

side protection strips, black.

Standard equipment - Elegance (in addition to the Ambiance):

The front fog lights and navigation lights during the day off,

Projector halogen headlamps

Glasses case

rear arm rests,

Textile carpets,

Central locking with remote control (remote folding keys);

air conditioning with automatic climate control,

height adjustable driver and front passenger

Package II Overhead (packet overhead and I read the back light)

Power adjustable and heated outside mirrors

Tinted windows,

Mags, Atik 6J x 14''

Side protection strips, black.

Special Teams:

Head airbags,

Airbag for driver and passenger - off,

ABS Plus, including the strengthening of controls, rates double, and the tire pressure warning

ESP including ABS, engine torque control, TCS, EDL, Hydraulic Brake Assist

Plus ESP including ABS, torque control, traction control, EDL, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist and a tire pressure control

Cruise Control

Projector halogen headlamps with the integrated switching,

Front fog lamps with turning function,

Maxi DOT display

multi-function radio address and phone operation,

Roof rails and tailgate and real estate

air conditioning with automatic climate control

the electronically controlled Climatronic air conditioning filter and combined

The radio "Blues" and "Swing"

navigation system "Amundsen"

MDI (the user interface of the mobile device) (only "Swing" and "Amundsen");

PDC (rear parking sensors)

hands-free devices for GSM and II Compact Comfort

Alarm with interior protection, horn, trailer protection

15 "Antares alloy wheels, and Avior Line

Alloy wheels 16 "Atria, Comet and the island of Elba

17 "alloy wheels with sports Trinity Capital

side protection strips, black

rear fender

White / silver roof (sedan only)

Bumpy road package (Fabia and Fabia Combi)

Tinted windows,


Glass sunroof (Fabia and Fabia Combi), panoramic sunroof (Roomster);

Sport (Sport + seats with three branches leather-wrapped steering wheel)

Leather Package (seats + steering wheel + knob + handbrake)

Heated front seats;

smokers package (lighter and ashtray)

Front armrests

Partition net (Fabia Combi and Roomster)

net program (3 networks) (only for the Fabia Combi and Roomster)

Hang the bag in the trunk

Feature Pack (folding storage boxes under front seats, storage boxes in the back door trim, folding hooks on the sides of the luggage compartment, open storage box behind the rear wheels, storage box on the flexible right side of the trunk, eyeglass cases, overhead parcel II, Estate version also with 12V trunk).

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