Send a Hug!

Today's Coloring Project:
Send a Hug!

Send someone special a hug!

Craft Project Directions:
To make this project you will need tempera paint (any color you would like), paper on a roll that you can roll out and cut off the length you want, scissors, glue, crayon or markers, ribbon, newspaper to work on, and other materials you want to decorate your Hug with.

Spread out the newspaper for a work area. Cut a strip of white paper as long as your arm span, from hand to hand.

Next, trim the paper so it is about 6 inches wide. Paint the inside of both hands, including thumbs. Then make a hand prints at each end of the paper strip you cut- fingers pointing out.

When the paint dries, cut around the hands to give them definition and narrow the width to make the space in between look more like arms.

Decorate the space in between the handprints. You could write a greeting on the left, your name on the right and place a picture or something personal in between.

Roll the paper into a scroll and tie with a ribbon. You have made a hug!

Happy Father's Day! Enjoy Crafting!
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