Kitchen and Incense smoke may trigger nasopharyngeal cancer

Kitchen and Incense smoke may trigger nasopharyngeal cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer may still not familiar with the community. Some things are known to be a trigger, one of which is poor circulation kitchen smoke and smoke from the incense.

"Smoke kitchen if circulation is not good and also the incense smoke can trigger cancer of the nasopharynx, because it stimulates the nasopharynx to overproduction," said Prof. Dr. Dr. R Susworo, SpRad (K) Onk.Rad sidelines of the campaign on behalf of Drs Yurnadi doctorate, Kes in Room Sena Pratista Sutomo Tjokronegoro, Faculty of medicine, on Wednesday (06/01/2011).

Prof tells Susworo nasopharyngeal cancer is a multifactorial genetic disease, which is influenced by genetic, environmental and food consumed. And several risk factors of this disease is a race (Mongoloid races are known to be susceptible), EBV infection (Epstein-Barr Virus) and the food.

Foods that can affect or trigger suspected nasopharyngeal cancer is preserved foods such as salted fish, fermented, smoked and burned because they contain compounds that are carcinogenic nitrosamines (cancer causing compounds).

In the salted fish, nitrosamine substance produced by the process of salting and penjemurannya, sunlight reacts with nitrite in the fish meat to form nitrosamines compounds.

"Generally there are no typical symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer, if a cold-blooded cold or it is considered as a matter of course by the community," said Prof. Susworo from the Department of Radiology, Faculty of medicine.

But most of the new society will be checked him to the doctor if the condition is severe, such as his eyes squint or the swelling in the neck (because it was metastatic, or spreads to the neck) which indicates already entered an advanced stage.

To make early detection of nasopharyngeal cancer, usually recommended to ENT specialist (Ear Nose Throat) to be examined his throat, if found mass (lump) will usually perform a biopsy to detect further.

"If the cancer is found in early stages then it can be cured and to level kekambuhannya about 15 percent if they are found in stage 1 or 2," he said.

For nasopharyngeal cancer in Indonesia into the top 10 cancers that are often found after the cervix (cervical), breast, liver and lungs, but if from the ENT the nasopharynx cancer is still number 1.

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